5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Invitations.

5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Invitations.

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1. Personalized invitation messages can remind people how you know them or where you met. Add a ‘personal note’ and send them a note or link about something of interest that is linked to you. For example, if I belong to green business groups, send members links or information about a green topic. Show others you have something of value to connect with you.

2. Add your photo to your LinkedIn profile. Your picture can often help jog the memory of those members that may not recognize your name. It also reminds others that you are a real person in the sea of LinkedIn members.

3. ‘Get introduced through a connection’ link. This link will be visible if the member is already connected to someone in your network. This is an authentic way to reach out to new members for more credibility.

4. There is no guarantee your group members will accept an invitation to connect. To network with fellow group members, try sending them a free, one-to-one message available to group members or non-members.

5. You don’t have to accept every invitation. If you do know this person and are not comfortable, don’t do it.