Are Excuses Getting in the Way of Growing Your Business?

Are Excuses Getting in the Way of Growing Your Business?

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Social media has pushed many out of their comfort zones and into a whole new world. Technology moves by the speed of light sometimes and that comes with some resistance. Some thought rock and roll was a fad too, but that’s not going anywhere either. Social media offers too many benefits to the end-user not to stay connected with family, friends and customers. We have many case studies proving that social media used in a strategic way really can resonate with core customers. Just think, if you have your customers knocking on your storefront door asking to come in and all you do is walk away, that is hurting your ability to build relationships with them in ways that matter to them most. This will ultimately impact how your customers feel about your brand.

The top 46 excuses we hear regarding social media or new technology:

1) Why should I? I don’t need to. Just because everyone else is doing it, doesn’t mean I have to.

2) It’s a fad, I’m going to stick to what works for our business.

3) It costs too much.

4) I’m in no hurry.

5) I have no desire.

6) It will require too many resources within our company.

7) I’m worried about the legal ramifications.

8) We’re better off by doing nothing.

9) Too risky.

10) You can’t measure it.

11) We give up too much to the customer.

12) We won’t make any money.

13) We can’t control the message.

14) We don’t know the first thing about social media.

15) It will take too long to pay off.

16) It will take too long to implement.

17) It’s just a blog, twitter and Facebook- What’s that going to do?

18) I can do it/we can do it ourselves.

19) It’s not worth it.

20) Our customers are not on social networks.

21) It’s too complicated.

22) We can’t control our employees using it.

23) I can’t, it’s a legal issue.

24) We want to control the message.

25) We can’t support our current management/management doesn’t support.

26) We’re B2B so there is no reason for us to engage consumers.

27) It’s a regulatory issue. So no guidelines in place.

28) No trust.

29) Don’t want to acknowledge negatives.

30) Not our customers.

31) Don’t have time to adapt to the technology.

32) Social Media results are not easily visible to non-users.

33) Fear of change and the unknown.

34) Not our target market.

35) Our customers don’t use social media.

36) Our deadlines are more important than your Tweet goofs.

37) Privacy issues.

38) No ROI potential.

39) Lack of expertise.

40) Lack of a market.

41) We already do social networking, we have a Facebook fan page.

42) Too complicated & therefore, we’ll look for alternative options.

43) We’ve been fine without it.

44) We’re waiting for it to mature.

45) We tried it, it didn’t work.

46) We just don’t understand how social media works.