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What is on Your Bucket List?

Though we can make a new start any day of the week, there is something especially appealing about starting fresh at the beginning of the year. If you haven’t done so yet, now would be a great time to sit in silence, reflect on last year and create your new business bucket list.

Executives Can Benefit from Mentors.

As top executives, it seems everyone comes to you for the answers to their questions. What about your inquiries? CFO’s face a challenge of not having anyone to lean on when they come across an issue or problem.

Boost Your Productivity with Food.

It’s always good for hard-working professionals with a 40± hour workweek to learn healthy ways to keep energy up. Coffee is usually the number one choice for boosting energy, but since healthy is the new thing, coffee may not be the best choice.

Is Implementing Your Solid Strategy A Priority?

There are many facets of building or growing a company. The two most important components in planning should be a solid strategy and a creative element. Imagine cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a family of ten and not having recipes ready.

Boomer Roadblocks.

This week is National Retirement Planning Week and Baker Creative wanted to look at the progress baby boomers are making in retirement. It turns out retirement may be further in the future than we thought.

Overcoming the February Winter Blahs.

The hype of turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving and the white winter promise of Christmas has come and gone. February has arrived along with its long days of cold and on and off again snowfalls.

The College Edition on How to be Professional on Social Media.

In high school, putting illegal or inappropriate things on your Facebook could get you in trouble with your parents or even the school. As you graduate and move out of your parents’ house, there will be a lot more freedom and very few rules being held over your head.

Keeping the Planet a Little Healthier with Some TLC.

Many people out there are becoming “green”. What does that mean exactly? Baker Creative has become a certified Wildlife Habitat and we love seeing the different creatures that come across the property.

Top Nine Free Apps for College Students at Your Fingertips.

It is back to school time! Kids are packing up and returning to their everyday lifestyle of professors and game days. For the new college students, it means adapting to a new environment and trying to figure out what they need to do to make their future successful.