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Top 7 tips to get noticed in social media

Social media has drastically changed the landscape of the internet, PR, editorial news, marketing etc… It’s more important than ever to be involved in the global conversation. Write something of true relevance and value to build relationships with others. Here are just a few ideas: 1. Blog- Advantages of blogging: a) starting a conversation about […]

Give yourself a break today!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all of the messages overloading me by the end of the day. Bad news on the TV is so heavy. The news will always be there when I am ready for it. Enough already. There are plenty of resources to provide good news all over the internet. It’s all about […]

Authentic Sports Fans Rule…

I am very facinated by the raw expressions and reactions true sports fans have when they watch thier favorite team. I often wonder if some non die hard fans fake thier vervor to fit into the group. The true fan would be so wrapped up in watching the game he/she might not even notice. I […]