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How to NOT Present Yourself in an Interview.

As the younger generation is starting to apply and interview for higher profile jobs, executives are seeing some interesting interviewees. Maybe the younger generation thinks they do not have to follow interview etiquette.

Take Her Job for a Day: Senior Geologist.

  There is no doubt that women are starting to excel in the workforce and they are excelling everywhere. Baker Creative interviewed a woman who is involved in the process of drilling wells for natural gas.

Take His Job for a Day: Chef.

Welcome to part two of our “Take Her/His Job for a Day” series. This week, Baker Creative interviewed a chef at an upscale restaurant in Columbus. This chef did not attend any schooling for cooking, but was trained and worked hard to get where he is today.

Take Her Job for a Day: Server’s Life.

  Baker Creative has decided to do a blog segment on “Take Her/His Job for a Day”. We will pick different positions to interview and ask questions to identify how an employee feels about their job.

New Career? Get Support.

Each year many Americans decide to make a career change. Deciding what to do next can be a daunting task regardless of whether it is because of necessity or by choice. Create a solid support system for you to ensure success.

Would You Say Anything to Get a Job?

Are you setting yourself up for unhappiness? Many candidates today apply for jobs they are not well suited for, apply for positions their skills don’t fulfill the basic criteria of, or even apply for a part-time job when they really wanted a full-time one.

Give Your Resume a Facelift.

Looking to give your resume a facelift? The more mature workforce out there have either too much detailed information on their resumes or lack some of the new important tools. Here are a few tips that should help boost your profile and be on your resume:

Ever Wonder Why You Didn’t Get That Job? Job Landing Tips.

I really want to help people out there to get hired. I think it might be beneficial as the CEO of my company, who makes the final hiring decisions, to share my experiences while I search for candidates for my open positions.

Frustrated By Not Landing an Interview? Job Applicant Tips.

Frustrated by sending out what seems like hundreds of resumes with little success? Let me give you a few tips that will help you stand out among the sea of applicants who apply for jobs every day at our company, Baker Creative.