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Top 10 tips to landing a great job

I am thankful when someone takes to the time to submit a resume for consideration. I often wonder when we get job applicants who submit resumes without any regard to the job posting or a missing cover letter. Were they just time poor and hoping something will stick? Lets get real. If a candidate is truly interested in working here they might need to make an small time investment in finding out about the corporate culture, our clients etc... I can't tell you some of the interesting responses I have gotten why a cover letter wasn't attached. It's like coming to a job interview wearing a pair of Chuck tennis shoes. I appreciate business casual, please keep in mind I think those shoes are cool if you were already hired. But an interview is the time for us to see your best foot forward. If I have to give advise to the job seeker in this tough economy I have a few tips: • Read the posting to see if your skill set is the right fit for the job • Read and address your strengths in proving the ability to perform required  job duties and responsibilities • Don't call and say your applying for any job that's open. • Review the company's website and research them before you go to the interview. • If the posting states no phone calls please - it means wait for them to contact you. • If the posting asks for resume, references, salary requirements etc... do include all of them. • Be as realistic on job compensation based upon today's standards • Provide real working phone numbers for references • Don't send a note to a job posting asking for more information about a job posting before sending a resume. There are jobs out there. You just need to have some patience and don't give up. Good luck.

Top 7 tips to get noticed in social media

Social media has drastically changed the landscape of the internet, PR, editorial news, marketing etc... It's more important than ever to be involved in the global conversation. Write something of true relevance and value to build relationships with others. Here are just a few ideas: 1. Blog- Advantages of blogging: a) starting a conversation about your offering, b) adding search engine content c) creating a place for customer feedback. 2. Comment On Other Blogs- It’s one thing to write your own blog. It’s another to go out and give your thoughts and appreciation to other bloggers. It builds relationships. 3. Your Logo- I cannot stress the importance of having your logo available in an easy-to-embed format for others to populate it in social media avenues. 4. Your Text- Have real text available and don't just create a website that's Flashed based for easy to use social media application. 5. Twitter-  Get started on Twitter and listen to the conversations first before going hog wild. There are several articles online for social media etiquette. 6. Go To Events- Another easy one. Go to tweetups, conferences, podcamps, etc. Network and populate who and what your band means both online and reinforce it in person. 7. Videos- Make videos. Make a 2 minute video that talks about what you do and put it on your site. Additionally, you should have it on vimeo, blip.tv, youtube, metacafe etc...

Give yourself a break today!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all of the messages overloading me by the end of the day. Bad news on the TV is so heavy. The news will always be there when I am ready for it. Enough already. There are plenty of resources to provide good news all over the internet. It's all about the focus and where I need to spend my energy today to recharge.  A great little website I like to peek at here and again is http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/. It talks about all of the great things happening today all over the world. You can also de-stress by: -Don't buy into office politics - stay neutral -Don't always raise your hand to go up the corporate ladder -Don't put up with crap, personal or otherwise - if you don't like confrontation just be polite and walk away - If things cause you grief it's always best to deal with them or get rid of them -Let go of resentments-they will only punish you and not the other person -Do something nice for someone else, a stranger or someone you love -Don't forget to treat yourself with time to read, watch your favorite show or take in a funny movie -Take some time to Laugh-I have many links to YoutTube videos for mini breaks throughout the day Life is too short and remember - give yourself a break. Feel free to share some of your ideas.

Authentic Sports Fans Rule…

I am very facinated by the raw expressions and reactions true sports fans have when they watch thier favorite team. I often wonder if some non die hard fans fake thier vervor to fit into the group. The true fan would be so wrapped up in watching the game he/she might not even notice. I wish I could capture that enthusiasm and put all that energy into a bottle. There is something so raw and authentic about it. The are so atuned to every play by play as if they were actually playing the game. I have seen it bring strangers together in remote countries across multi-cultural boundaries. The essence of it can be shared around the world. I think that's why I love the Olymipcs so much. The thought of a athlete who trains non-professionally (in some cases) just for one brief defining moment. Was all the sacrifice worth it in the end. How would this athlete be able to handle the outcome long term? There's so much we can learn from eachother.