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Relativity, Einstein's theory of time and space which aren't absolute like the fluidity of business

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The Rise and Fall of Celebrity Branding.

celebritybranding In recent news, Lance Armstrong has been in the limelight for taking performance-enhancing drugs and blood doping.  Lance Armstrong had been known for battling cancer, winning seven Tour de France competitions and partnering with Nike to start the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign. (more…)

Holiday Magic All Around the World.

In America, the traditions around the Holidays for most families are putting up a big tree full of lights, dressing up in red and going to visit Santa at the mall. But what about the other countries around the world? (more…)

Crains New York Giving Guide Contributor.

NYTime Giving guide Breaking news! Check us out in Crain's New York Business this week on pg 6: http://bit.ly/REGkkb CNYB2012_GivingGuide

The Importance of Maintaining Your Brand.

importanance of brand Everyone knows that keeping the look of your brand is important. It is important for the public, employees and potential workers to know what the company’s values are so these potential customers are more apt to embrace what the company has to offer. (more…)

Take Her Job for a Day: Senior Geologist.

Take Her Job for a Day: Senior Geologist.
  There is no doubt that women are starting to excel in the workforce and they are excelling everywhere. Baker Creative interviewed a woman who is involved in the process of drilling wells for natural gas. (more…)

Take His Job for a Day: Chef.

Take His Job for a Day: Chef.
Welcome to part two of our “Take Her/His Job for a Day” series. This week, Baker Creative interviewed a chef at an upscale restaurant in Columbus. This chef did not attend any schooling for cooking, but was trained and worked hard to get where he is today. (more…)