How to Avoid Layoffs in This Economy?

How to Avoid Layoffs in This Economy?

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SAS Institute, a business analytics software company, has been able to avoid layouts in this economy with very little turnover.

SAS has avoided layoffs by instituting hiring freezes. They still maintain growth today. They cut back on travel and expenses, by relying more on conference calls and video conferencing. The CEO has maintained employee support by communicating early and often with staff to prepare them for any changes. I really think this is a true testament that it can be possible to run a business well, have a safe level of transparency, and really communicate to your staff to keep everyone on the same page.

Wegmans Food Markets have avoided layoffs because it maximizes staff skills by cross-training them for different jobs. It helps the staff be flexible to the changing needs of the business. I am sure that the staff would love to learn something new and reinvest in their skill set. There are lots of food markets our there but it takes a great staff to run them well. Companies are often only as rich as their human resources. I cannot stress enough how important it is to collaborate and share with your staff. You never know, they may come up with that great big idea you have been waiting for.

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