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Ohio Department of Youth Services (ODYS) goal: Educate stakeholders for a positive outcome in a litigation case.

PROBLEM: ODYS was in a crisis and risk situation. The department head was facing litigation. Baker Creative was hired to create a video to speak for the “at-risk” youth that could not speak for themselves. The kids faced a myriad of problems, including growing up in broken homes, drug usage, dropping out of school, crime and jail. We were targeting the public sector, educators and other government agencies.

SOLUTION: Our creative solution won a national Hermes award and brought the national recognition the department needed. The ODYS won their case and has used this video to educate and increase public support. The results:

• Video brought awareness to the large strides the department had made with these challenged youths.

• Project educated the public sector on who the ODJS is, what it does and whom it serves to generate more support.

• Educated audiences about how the troubled youth are given the opportunities of having a fresh start in life. It changed the negative perception regarding the programs and its participants.

• Generated a sense of pride in the staff who help the kids who get caught up in drugs and crime and to improve local communities.

• Project inspired the kids in the program and audiences at risk there is a way out

Award-winning campaign: