Dwight Barnes

Dwight Barnes

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Multimedia specialist

Dwight is our multimedia specialist, which showcases his experience as a videographer and editor and familiarity with a variety of computer programs to produce video, photography and print media projects that achieve the vision of the client.  In addition to being a producer for E.E. Media, he brings a worldly perspective to his work, having also served as a teacher of English and art history and other subjects to students in Vietnam, China and Korea. He has participated in the Columbus 48 Hour Film Challenge, Berlin Film Festival Columbus International Film Festival, Siggraph Animation Festival, Professional Artist Networking Korea and the International Artist Community. Internet publishing and printing and commercial art proficiency also are part of Dwight’s background.

Education: A graduate of the Columbus College of Art & Design, Dwight earned a bachelor’s degree in media.

Functional responsibility: Video, editing, directing, cinematography