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Business Strategy and management

We can help you adapt in the face of adversity to persevere.

85% of executives say that the greatest barrier to achieving their growth objectives lie inside their own four walls.

Often times, cost-cutting only gets you so far. A clear actionable strategy can move you forward to grow organically with minimal calculated risk. Without strong financial health, makes it difficult for brands to invest in their talent, processes, product improvements, goals, sales/customer service training and marketing. At Baker Creative, we can provide a great strategic plan that can be easily implemented and managed that will invest in your future.
Going beyond the brand methodology encourages better collaboration and cross-department teaming between sales, marketing, customer service, IT, HR, finance and key management. We can help activate your brand across your organization. Different departments sing in unison one unified song across your organization. By Sharing the same customer view, through shared goals, customer service, CRM, metrics means that these departments are able to easily pass important information and research to each other. For example, a sales rep is heading for a big pitching meeting with a customer. Being able to see that the same customer has raised some issues recently through customer service, will ensure they arrive better prepared.
Business Services:
- Assessments, planning, management and reporting
- Management, assessments and recommendations
- Renegotiate financial terms with banks to save money on working capital rates yearly
- Reduce rates to increase your access to capital while maintaining the same borrow rate
- Identify areas for cost-cutting without reducing future revenue
- Competitor benchmarking
- Situational analysis
- Analysis of micro-environments and industry
- Model seasonality of cash flow for projections
- Financial and business strategic plans and management
- The operational plan that aligns with the strategic plan
- How to translate your unique selling proposition into a growth culture.
- Business planning for acquisitions
- Assessments audits and recommendations
- Strategy and implementation
- Forecasting
- Analysis of microenvironment
- Finance audit, planning and best practices
- Retail market analysis
- Business mix and use analysis
- Retail/B2B sales gap analysis
- Development and recruitment planning
- Business profile development
- Economic and fiscal impact analysis
- Identification/development of niche markets and clusters
- Practice audits
- Trend tracking and industry baselines
- Industry business analysis
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