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Happy Holidays from Baker Creative

Happy Holidays from Baker Creative
We would like to give the gift of peace this holiday season. For just a moment breathe in and release the cares of the day as you watch our minute mantra.

BusHuddle Podcast: Branding your business

BusHuddle Podcast: Branding your business
Welcome to the Baker Creative BusHuddle Podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_012_Branding_Your_Business_1.0.mp3"][/audio]

BusHuddle Podcast: Give yourself a break

BusHuddle Podcast: Give yourself a break
Welcome to the Baker Creative BusHuddle Podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_011_Give_Yourself_a_Break_1.0.mp3"][/audio]

BusHuddle Podcast: What to do in a weak economy

BusHuddle Podcast: What to do in a weak economy
Welcome to our Baker Creative podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_010_Weak_economy_1.0.mp3"][/audio]

BusHuddle Podcast: Small steps lead to big business

BusHuddle Podcast: Small steps lead to big business
Welcome to our Baker Creative podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_009_Small_Steps_lead_to_Big_Business_1.0.mp3"][/audio]

BusHuddle Podcast: Investing in your business

BusHuddle Podcast: Investing in your business
Welcome to our Baker Creative podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_008_Investing_in_your_Bus_1.0.mp3"][/audio]

BusHuddle Podcast: Why should my business care about its reputation

BusHuddle Podcast: Why should my business care about its reputation
Welcome to our Baker Creative podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_005_Care_About_Reputation_1.0.mp3"][/audio]

BusHuddle Podcast: Build trust with social media

BusHuddle Podcast: Build trust with social media
Welcome to our Baker Creative podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_004_Build_Trust_with_SM_1.0.mp3"][/audio]

BusHuddle Podcast: What is PR?

BusHuddle Podcast: What is PR?
Welcome to our BusHuddle podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_002_What_is_PR_1.0-copy.mp3"][/audio]

BusHuddle Podcast: What is on your Bucket list?

BusHuddle Podcast: What is on your Bucket list?
Welcome to our Baker Creative podcast. [audio mp3="https://baker-creative.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/11/BH_001_Bucket_List_1.0.mp3"][/audio]

Covid 19- To Return Or Not To Return to the office

Covid 19- To Return Or Not To Return to the office
Last year, as we approached 2020, it seemed everyone was utilizing some wordplay twist to focus on “vision” and “20/20” in their branding. We know very well now just how 2020 has presented unexpected challenges beyond any prior visions – pun intended -- for the year. The expression “hindsight is 2020” has become a reality. Even 11 months into the year, we wish a crystal ball could appear to help make the appropriate call of if -- and when -- to return workers to the office. As we enter what rapidly seems to becoming a second peak of COVID-19 throughout the world and hear the words “dark winter,” many companies are assessing just how to navigate this process. (more…)

Communication During the Time of COVID-19

Communication During the Time of COVID-19
Even as businesses are slowly reopening or bringing their employees back to the office as our nation gradually revives, many businesses are still wondering how to clearly communicate during this time. When we first started dealing with the effects of COVID-19, many thought this would be a quick and fairly easy effort. Businesses would be closed and people would work from home for a few weeks – an inconvenience but not unmanageable. But in our fourth month of wearing masks, retail stores that are still closed, restaurants that cannot seat the same number of people as before and employees still working from home, communications efforts are challenging. How many times can people hear the phrases “We are all in this together” or “During these challenging times”? (more…)

Companies can help turn the tide of the growing number of COVID-19 cases

Companies can help turn the tide of the growing number of COVID-19 cases
Company support for the COVID-19 vaccine is crucial to slowing the spread of this pandemic Even while researchers and pharmaceutical companies are working tirelessly to find a vaccine to help immunize Americans against COVID-19 in an effort to return the country to some state of normalcy, it is critical that companies support vaccine adoption. As a matter of fact, support for any COVID-19 vaccine is the next hurdle faced by health professionals, policymakers and political leaders. Are Americans ready and willing to be vaccinated once a vaccine is ready? (more…)

Being Awarded Internationally isn’t New to this Local Firm

Being Awarded Internationally isn’t New to this Local Firm
Baker Creative, a nationally and internationally awarded branding PR firm, has been awarded a Gold Hermes Creative Award. Baker Creative won in the Print Media/Advertising/Direct Mail piece category for their Invitation to The Ashford piece. The Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition that recognizes outstanding work in the marketing and communication field while still advocating philanthropic efforts of those professionals in the field. The Hermes Awards are managed by the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals, who award individuals with outstanding achievements and service to the profession. (more…)

Michele Cuthbert becomes digital expert for WBNS 10TV

Baker Creative Wins International Award

Baker Creative Wins International Award
Baker Creative, a local branding agency, was recently selected as a Gold Award winner for the Association of Marketing and Communication Professionals’ Hermes Creative Awards. Hermes Creative Awards is an international competition for creative professionals involved in the concept, writing and design of traditional and emerging media. The Hermes Gold Award is presented to those entries judged to exceed the high standards of the industry norm. Only 22% of the entrants received this award. (more…)

Cuthbert completes scholarship, receives invitation from The Huffington Post

Cuthbert completes scholarship, receives invitation from The Huffington Post
GROVEPORT–- Cuthbert received a scholarship into the Babson Cohort of Goldman Sachs 10,000 Small Businesses. The national program was created to help business owners create jobs and economic opportunity by providing greater access to education, capital and business support services. She was chosen for the scholarship out of 600 entrepreneurs. Approximately 150 entrepreneurs from 33 states, Washington D.C. and Puerto Rico completed the blended online and face-to-face courses, which taught classes from Babson’s business experts and peers alongside educational teams who taught the program at colleges across the country. (more…)

After Another Year, Baker Creative Does it Again

After Another Year, Baker Creative Does it Again
The international awards program, The Communicator Awards, recognizes those whose ability to communicate makes them the best in the field.  Baker Creative was awarded in the category Branded Content-Business to Consumer on behalf of the client Buehler’s Fresh Foods, a leading provider of high-quality food in Northern Ohio. (more…)

The Agency that Keeps on Winning

The Agency that Keeps on Winning
Columbus, OH – Baker Creative, a local branding consultancy, was awarded on multiple occasions throughout the year for their outstanding integrated campaign. Among the awards they won were a golden Marcom award, a Hermes award, a Davey award, and a Communicator award, which were all International competitions. Baker Creative also won a National American Graphic Design award, and a Regional PRSA Prism award. (more…)

Baker Creative Wins PRSA Diamond Award

Baker Creative Wins PRSA Diamond Award
Columbus, OH – After having a successful year and winning multiple awards, Baker Creative, a global branding and PR firm, is having a strong year. As of May, Baker Creative has been awarded the Diamond Award by the PRSA East Central District. The Diamond Awards are presented to public relations professionals who have successfully used ingenious skills and creativity to take on a communications task. This is the second Diamond Award Baker Creative has received. The East Central District Diamond Awards highlights extraordinary public relations campaigns by individuals practicing in the chapter’s geographic region. (more…)

What is on Your Bucket List?

What is on Your Bucket List?
Though we can make a new start any day of the week, there is something especially appealing about starting fresh at the beginning of the year. If you haven’t done so yet, now would be a great time to sit in silence, reflect on last year and create your new business bucket list. (more…)

What Message is Your Diversity Campaign Sending?

What Message is Your Diversity Campaign Sending?
Over the past decade, diversity campaigns have become an integral part of major corporations’ marketing and public relations strategies. Often times, these diversity strategies come across as nothing more than a monthly checklist in the minds of consumers. (more…)

How to NOT Present Yourself in an Interview.

How to NOT Present Yourself in an Interview.
As the younger generation is starting to apply and interview for higher profile jobs, executives are seeing some interesting interviewees. Maybe the younger generation thinks they do not have to follow interview etiquette. (more…)

Executives Can Benefit from Mentors.

Executives Can Benefit from Mentors.
As top executives, it seems everyone comes to you for the answers to their questions. What about your inquiries? CFO’s face a challenge of not having anyone to lean on when they come across an issue or problem. (more…)

Boost Your Productivity with Food.

Boost Your Productivity with Food.
It’s always good for hard-working professionals with a 40± hour workweek to learn healthy ways to keep energy up. Coffee is usually the number one choice for boosting energy, but since healthy is the new thing, coffee may not be the best choice. (more…)

Using the Art of Advertainment to Boost your Brand.

Using the Art of Advertainment to Boost your Brand.
Many companies strive to be memorable to consumers so they buy into their brands through advertising. Advertainment is a portmanteau of advertising and entertainment. This can be anything from television and movies to songs and radio ads. (more…)

Which Social Media Platform is Right for You?

Which Social Media Platform is Right for You?
Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. We all know them but may not love them all. Some companies like Kellogg’s, P&G and Honda utilize most of these, but what made them choose which ones? (more…)

Investing in Your Business for a Big Payoff.

Investing in Your Business for a Big Payoff.
Whether you are starting a new business or wanting to expand your current business, there are a few things that you need to invest in to make it successful. (more…)

Is Implementing Your Solid Strategy A Priority?

Is Implementing Your Solid Strategy A Priority?
There are many facets of building or growing a company. The two most important components in planning should be a solid strategy and a creative element. Imagine cooking Thanksgiving dinner for a family of ten and not having recipes ready. (more…)

Boomer Roadblocks

Boomer Roadblocks
  This week is National Retirement Planning Week and Baker Creative wanted to look at the progress baby boomers are making in retirement. It turns out retirement may be further in the future than we thought. (more…)

3 Ways to Recognize Crisis Within your Business.

3 Ways to Recognize Crisis Within your Business.
Many companies have little issues with a crisis. They have great customers and their product is a success. What happens when the quality of service decreases? (more…)

Podcast – Why Social Media Bios Matter.

Podcast – Why Social Media Bios Matter.
Welcome to a preview of one of our first FREE podcasts. Learn from Baker Creative why it is important to have good bios on your social media networks for your company. We go through what makes a great, responsive bio. (more…)

Leadership Training for Gen Y & Beyond.

We have all heard that Generation Y is a new breed of employees. They are used to a fast-paced world and are up-to-date on the latest technology. Knowledge of the internet allows them to find information in a split second and connect to almost anyone around the world. (more…)

The Not-So-Lucky Marketing Mistakes.

luckymarketing Some companies depend solely on luck when working on a marketing plan but in most cases, luck won’t get you by. Since St. Patrick’s Day just passed, we thought it would be beneficial to share tips on how to avoid bad marketing. (more…)

Bringing a Positive Message to Youth Through Social Media.

positive messages For many years, the Internet and social media have been given a bad reputation. It is known for spreading vulgar pictures, false rumors and identity stealing capabilities. Social media has been a big hit in the news; (more…)

Overcoming the February Winter Blahs.

winter blahs The hype of turkey and stuffing for Thanksgiving and the white winter promise of Christmas has come and gone. February has arrived along with its long days of cold and on and off again snowfalls. (more…)

The Rise and Fall of Celebrity Branding.

celebritybranding In recent news, Lance Armstrong has been in the limelight for taking performance-enhancing drugs and blood doping.  Lance Armstrong had been known for battling cancer, winning seven Tour de France competitions and partnering with Nike to start the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign. (more…)

Should Social Media Dictate Justice?

dictatejustice We have known social media to be a main source of news for quite some time. The collective Anonymous describes themselves as “an idea not a group, we are your neighbor, your doctor, We are freedom, Justice, WE DO NOT FORGIVE, WE DO NOT FORGET, EXPECT US. (more…)

Holiday Magic All Around the World.

In America, the traditions around the Holidays for most families are putting up a big tree full of lights, dressing up in red and going to visit Santa at the mall. But what about the other countries around the world? (more…)

Crains New York Giving Guide Contributor.

NYTime Giving guide Breaking news! Check us out in Crain's New York Business this week on pg 6: http://bit.ly/REGkkb CNYB2012_GivingGuide

The Importance of Maintaining Your Brand.

importanance of brand Everyone knows that keeping the look of your brand is important. It is important for the public, employees and potential workers to know what the company’s values are so these potential customers are more apt to embrace what the company has to offer. (more…)

Take Her Job for a Day: Senior Geologist.

Take Her Job for a Day: Senior Geologist.
  There is no doubt that women are starting to excel in the workforce and they are excelling everywhere. Baker Creative interviewed a woman who is involved in the process of drilling wells for natural gas. (more…)

The Power of Social Media and Public Relations.

The Power of Social Media and Public Relations.
  We have all asked these questions. What are Public Relations? Why should I be on social media? How can social media and public relations help my company? (more…)

Take His Job for a Day: Chef.

Take His Job for a Day: Chef.
Welcome to part two of our “Take Her/His Job for a Day” series. This week, Baker Creative interviewed a chef at an upscale restaurant in Columbus. This chef did not attend any schooling for cooking, but was trained and worked hard to get where he is today. (more…)

A # That Shaped an Online Revolution.

A # That Shaped an Online Revolution.
  Tweeting without a hashtag is like reading without a book. But what is the purpose of the hashtag? Who started this trend of topics beginning with a #? (more…)

Take Her Job for a Day: Server’s Life.

Take Her Job for a Day: Server’s Life.
  Baker Creative has decided to do a blog segment on “Take Her/His Job for a Day”. We will pick different positions to interview and ask questions to identify how an employee feels about their job. (more…)

The 50 Shades of Marketing.

The 50 Shades of Marketing.
In 2011, British author E. L. James took a chance with the world and published a novel that took sex and BDSM to a whole new level.  Under the genre of erotic fiction, the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has really been (more…)

The College Edition on How to be Professional on Social Media.

The College Edition on How to be Professional on Social Media.
In high school, putting illegal or inappropriate things on your Facebook could get you in trouble with your parents or even the school. As you graduate and move out of your parents' house, there will be a lot more freedom and very few rules being held over your head. (more…)

We Love Columbus!

We Love Columbus!
  Columbus has always been a great city and with a population of around 920,000 people, it is growing every day! We have so many things to do here for a variety of people. Whether you are a family looking for a Saturday activity (more…)

Keeping the Planet a Little Healthier with Some TLC.

Keeping the Planet a Little Healthier with Some TLC.
Many people out there are becoming “green”. What does that mean exactly? Baker Creative has become a certified Wildlife Habitat and we love seeing the different creatures that come across the property. (more…)

Top Nine Free Apps for College Students at Your Fingertips.

Top Nine Free Apps for College Students at Your Fingertips.
It is back to school time! Kids are packing up and returning to their everyday lifestyle of professors and game days. For the new college students, it means adapting to a new environment and trying to figure out what they need to do to make their future successful. (more…)

Baker Creative Partners with Columbus Business First.

Baker Creative Partners with Columbus Business First.
Image Baker Creative got the amazing opportunity to present at the Columbus Business First 2012 Social Media Summer Camp where we discussed writing, photography and design for social media. (more…)

Using Twitter as a Job Board.

Using Twitter as a Job Board.
Twitter is a great tool for searching for jobs. Here are some quick steps on how to set one up. Step 1: Log into your Twitter account. If you do not have one you can set one up at Twitter.com Step 2: Go into the advanced search (more…)

Is Social Media Changing the Face of Politics?

Is Social Media Changing the Face of Politics?
Presidential Elections aren't exactly the first place you look when searching for the latest technological advances. In general, we tend to see a great deal of "old hat" philosophy from both campaigns and voters alike. However, the 2008 Presidential Election took things to an entirely new level.

Why Do Social Media Bios Matter?

Why Do Social Media Bios Matter?
Branding yourself or your company is key online. Your audience is unfamiliar with what you do and who you are. How you decide to define that can make the difference between being found or being part of the sea of content easily ignored. (more…)

Connecting Locally Made Easier Online With Villiagize.com

Connecting Locally Made Easier Online With Villiagize.com
Villiagize is a relatively new application that works in conjunction with Facebook to help a sense of community to real neighborhoods in the online wold. The creators of the platform found a way to make it easier to find it each other using the method communication they are already utilizing. Instead of going next for for that cup of sugar, hop on Villiagize and ask away. Need recommendations for a new dentist? Get suggestions from neighbors you don't know yet.  Who knows better than people in your area? According to a the analytics firm StatCounter, mobile web usage has doubled every year since 2009. As more and more of our lives revolve around gadgets for communication, the creators of Villiagize intuitively built a way for people living in close proximity to connect more effectively while creating a sense of community. (more…)

Social Media Helps Remedy Organ Donation Crisis

Social Media Helps Remedy Organ Donation Crisis
Organ donation awareness and communication is a big problem in the United States. An ABC News Exclusive announced the launch of a new Facebook tool that may help remedy the situation. The new application allows members to share their donor status via the life events option on their Facebook profiles. If the member is not yet a donor, instructions are available to help them register on the appropriate list for their area. (more…)

De-stress and Celebrate Earth Day!

De-stress and Celebrate Earth Day!
Image We LOVE Earth Day at Baker Creative! In fact, we like nature so much we turned our property into a Certified Wildlife Habitat. Restoring some of the landscape into its natural state proved to be beneficial to our employees as well as the environment. (more…)

Lemonade from Lemons: Learn to Find the Positive in a Bad Situation.

Lemonade from Lemons: Learn to Find the Positive in a Bad Situation.
A friend of mine once told me that if you are not in a crisis, you are either coming out of one or headed into the next one. This may sound as if she is a negative person, but she is actually one of the most positive people I know. (more…)

Tips to Manage Workplace Toxicity.

Tips to Manage Workplace Toxicity.
Cliques, cattiness, gossip, backstabbing, lack of trust…Do any of these unpleasant experiences remind you of where you work? Toxic work environments can make your life a living nightmare. No one wants to be unhappy (more…)

Avoid the Mess: Navigating Sticky Situations in Your Business.

Difficult situations arise when running your own business. Disagreements among staff members, complicated client relationships, financial situations, and many other sticky moments have a tendency to surface on a daily basis. (more…)

Social Media Trend Report.

The new year has arrived and many media outlets have reported top social media trends to pay attention to. Here is a recap of some of our favorites: What is clearly important? Beverly Macy of The Huffington Post says (more…)

Growing up: Tips to Help Your Business Thrive.

As the year comes to a close, many small businesses are looking at trends and planning for the year ahead. Some fortunate companies will have to deal with growing pains. Business boomed last year and now your baby no longer fits into the structure that worked like a charm for you previously. (more…)

Business Etiquette Basic: Phone Call Karma.

How many times have you seen these scenarios? A. You are working on a project that’s getting dangerously close to deadline. Only one of the messages you left requesting quotes with five potential vendors returned your call. (more…)

Be a Small Business or Corporate Do-gooder.

The Holidays are approaching fast. Only a few more prep days before the Thanksgiving feast commences. Many business owners are thinking of ways to give back during this season of warm fuzzies. (more…)

Two Steps Toward Small Business Influence in the Community.

Some small businesses have cut through the crowd by becoming strong influencers in their communities. More than talking the talk, these businesses have learned to walk the walk to gain their following. (more…)

New Career? Get Support.

Each year many Americans decide to make a career change. Deciding what to do next can be a daunting task regardless of whether it is because of necessity or by choice. Create a solid support system for you to ensure success. (more…)

Face your Fear: The New Habit Tool Kit.

You are ready to face your fear, but let’s face it, changing a habit is difficult; especially if the rut is worn so smoothly that you do it involuntarily. Change doesn’t happen on its own. Before you expect to transform the habit for real, (more…)

The Risk of Safety.

Humans are born needing to feel safe and comfortable, but the safety we desire as infants may be the factor holding us back in during the rest of our lives. Staying in your comfort zone for too long puts you at risk of never accomplishing your dreams. (more…)

A Few More Tips for the Job Searcher.

As a business owner, I am sometimes amazed when I interview people for open positions. I would like to give some tips I have come across of what not to do. • When a potential employer calls for an interview (more…)

Branding IS Your Business.

Branding pertains to much more than a company’s image. The web site, business cards, stationery and other promotional materials are just part of it. Everything from the company’s reputation, products or services, (more…)

5 Resources for Working Moms.

Modern working moms are pressed for time, energy and resources. As summer winds down and the school year ramps up, parents all over the country are transitioning to the job of family logistics coordinator, strategizing solutions (more…)

Turning Online “Friends” into Real Life “Connections”.

Five hundred connections on a LinkedIn profile may sound impressive, but how many of those people do you actually know? Effective networking is a lost art in the digital age as long lists of social media contacts often amount to rosters of connections past. (more…)

Do You Have a Business Plan?

Countless businesses in the United States operate without a plan. Many entrepreneurs know their company thoroughly, but employees may not understand vital components of the organization without a tangible reference. (more…)

The Art of Blogging.

Blogs are a great way for businesses to communicate and exchange ideas with customers, colleagues and competitors. It’s a booming platform. Anyone with an Internet connection can participate. And, many are giving it a shot. (more…)

What’s Trending? Know More to Grow.

Big brands stay on top because they are able to anticipate upcoming trends in the marketplace. An article by CNNMoney reported that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ main fear was that his company would “get slow and stodgy. (more…)

The Art of Thank You in a Digital Age.

Do you appreciate your customers? Of course you do, but how well do they know it? According to "The Service Advantage" by Karl Albrecht, 96.7 percent of dissatisfied customers never notify the business of the bad experience. (more…)

Marketing Lessons from Mom.

Since Sunday was Mother’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to thank the mothers of our staff for shaping their lives and encouraging them in ways both large and small. Some of our staff members contributed lessons that their mothers taught them (more…)

Simplify Your Niche for Bigger Profits.

Ever wonder why Carlo’s Bake Shop of TLC and Discovery Family’s “Cake Boss” fame is the crème de la crème of the baking world? They know what they are good at. They stick to it. And, they keep perfecting it. (more…)

Go Green Without “Greenwashing”.

Consumers demand eco-friendly products in hopes they are making better choices for the future. No one knows exactly how much effect “green” alternatives will have long term, but for now, the public has spoken—loudly. (more…)

Best Spots on the Web for Businesswomen.

It's no secret that businesswomen lead extraordinarily busy lives. Commitments between work and home have you stressed and pressed for time. Here are some resources sure to help exhilarate and advise you while hopefully saving your sanity. (more…)

Ethical Growth of PR.

Public Relations experts are optimistic that the industry will see considerable growth. Social media’s explosive evolution and the multitude of communications calamities over the years have highlighted public relations (more…)

A Story Tailor-made Just for Reporters.

The practice of avoiding media exclusives has been a general rule in public relations for eons. Most PR pros believe that exclusives, the act of promising one reporter sole access to a story, limits the coverage range of your pitch. (more…)

Winter Safety.

You knew your favorite all-in-one gadget could be a lifesaver for your schedule but, did you know it could literally help save you or someone you know in an emergency? (more…)

Crisis Planning: How Secure is Your Business?

Life can be unpredictable—personally or professionally. Planning for the unknown could help relieve some of the headaches should the unthinkable occur. Recently, a client came across a personal issue that became a public relations nightmare. (more…)

Trying to Get Your “Sexy Back”?

Being sexy begins between the ears. You can wear the prettiest outfit, a form-fitting shirt, the right color, and still feel uncomfortable in your shoes. It's all about confidence. Besides, sexy in general (more…)

Does Bad Behavior Rule?

Does society reward poor, rude, out of control behavior? With so many high school dramas, political ads, cheating athletes, and housewives of wherever on TV, us regular gals are getting a bad rap. (more…)

Making True “Friends” Through Social Media.

Last night, I had dinner with friends, one of whom is adamantly anti-social media. He used the words time-wasting, life-sucking and personality-diminishing to describe one of the essential duties of my livelihood (more…)

Writing + Technology = Migraine

Recently, I had a conversation with a communications professional friend of mine via text message that about made my head explode. Acronyms abound! I understand texts are meant for bits of information, (more…)

Great Marketing for Green Business.

Today’s green industry business environment presents new hurdles not seen in the past. Market saturation, environmental criticisms, and changing customer needs, topped off by a rocky economy, make for a colossal mess of a marketplace. (more…)

Media Training for All: A Solution for Businesses Stressed-out About Losing Control of the Social Media Conversation.

People are told since childhood that they should think before they speak. While many do heed the advice, inevitably you know someone who lacks the filter developed by individuals who have refined their sense of tact. (more…)

Perfecting the Partnership: Working with Nonprofits.

Numerous businesses love to contribute to causes for the betterment of their communities. When a successful partnership ensues, funds are raised, goals are met and warm, fuzzy feelings are felt all around. (more…)

Do You Feel Me?! Color Psychology and Personal Branding.

Colors evoke feelings. As children in art class, we learned to use reds, yellows and oranges to depict the warmed landscape in a sunny, beach day painting. Blues, greens and purples provided cool, refreshing tones of the water where children play. (more…)

Three Steps to Assessing Your Personal Brand Online.

Recently, I came across a revolutionary article for its time entitled, “The Brand Called You” from Fast Company, published in August 1997. Tom Peters, the author, discussed how large companies knew the importance of branding. (more…)

Tips for Shameless Self-promotion…Blog Style.

Many professionals use blogs to further the message of their industry and/or discuss hot topics and trends. If done properly, their blog can help lead to bigger and better opportunities. However, the web is littered with blogs that started with the best of intentions, (more…)

Branding is More Than Your Logo.

“It’s what a company looks like.” “It’s the symbol a company uses.” “It’s where you burn a symbol into your arm.” Above are some answers you might receive if you were to ask, “What is branding?” (more…)

Are You an Undercover PR Person?

What is public relations?

Is Being “Invincible” Holding You Back?

Do we ever really learn from others' mistakes or do we really have to live through the same experience? We all have thought we were invincible at some point in our lives and a small part of us may still think we are. (more…)

Contracts-Look (Thoroughly) Before You Sign.

Check the fine print—one of the cardinal rules of business…and life. When working with freelancers and vendors, companies and individuals need to make sure they know what they are getting into. Present ventures that seem like nothing at the time may turn out to be HUGE in the future. (more…)

Creativity’s Decline in the United States.

Unplug yourself….and your kids.

Are Women Finally in Charge?

On "The Today Show" today, there was a piece about women finally ruling the world. There are more women going to college and currently in power positions. If we are ruling the world, why does the boys club still exist? (more…)

Is PR Dead?

A study by the Oriella PR Network found that approximately 75 percent of “targeted” press releases were still useful according to an article from PRNewser. As a reminder, follow these crucial tips to ensure your press releases don’t go unnoticed: (more…)

Is “Good Enough” Really Good Enough for Your Business?

Many professionals at some point in their careers have approached a deadline scrambling to complete a project questioning if they have given their best effort. Or, half-heartedly finished a task they are not too thrilled about, just to get it out the door. (more…)

Would You Say Anything to Get a Job?

Are you setting yourself up for unhappiness? Many candidates today apply for jobs they are not well suited for, apply for positions their skills don't fulfill the basic criteria of, or even apply for a part-time job when they really wanted a full-time one. (more…)

Top Ten Strategies for Child-centered Marketing.

Businesses that market their products to children continue to stumble upon extremely successful marketing techniques that capture both children and their parents and create a buzz about their product or service (more…)

Reaching the Youth Market.

With estimated spending by 14- to 34-year-old consumers at more than $1.2 trillion dollars annually, it's not surprising that more and more businesses are focusing on new ways of communicating with this segment of the population. (more…)

Facebook – It’s All About the Networking.

Facebook's slogan says it all - the social networking site is there solely to help you "connect with friends and the world around you." But is this actually the case? According to a study conducted by ReD Associates, the majority of social media users (more…)

Is Your Product Selling Itself?

It’s the number one question of all businesses: “How useful is my product to my customers?” But ironically, most marketers are so concerned about other questions that they forget to address this major issue. (more…)

Using Twitter More Effectively to Promote Your Business.

According to an analysis done by Hitwise, less than .2 percent of people who use Twitter visit news and media sites from their Twitter accounts. But research also showed that Facebook users accounted for 3.64 percent of the visits to (more…)

Is Brand Loyalty Dead?

Has loyalty started to decline in today’s business world? As budgets are shrinking and demands are growing, we often look for the best deal - which often happens to be the least expensive option. But is it going to cost you in the end? (more…)

De-stress by Being a Better Business Professional.

Developing professional relationships is rarely an easy task. The simple combination of different personalities, ideals, and concepts often makes for a difficult initial challenge. So, you’ve formed a partnership. (more…)

Small Steps Can Lead to Big Changes in Your Business.

There is quite a misconception about what branding, public relations and social media's functions are in business. Some consider a logo a brand while others view PR as smooching. (more…)

What’s So Wrong with Being Single?

The singles crowd. More than 117 million American adults. College students, workaholics, single mothers, widows. You name the title, and they’re lumped into that large group that many agencies and companies are finding (more…)

Could Your Agency be in Need of Some Spring Cleaning?

Organization and focus are key in the advertising world. So why not periodically take the time to de-clutter your agency? By identifying the key aspects of your agency's business, you can streamline your efforts and reach greater success. (more…)

Building Small Business Credibility.

So your small business is in need of credibility. What's the first thing you should do? Some say it's as simple as building your brand. In the business world, your brand is only as strong as the reputation that precedes it. (more…)

Are We Addicted to Social Media?

With the creation of Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and the numerous other social media sites popping up daily, the issue of social media addiction has become a frequent topic of discussion. (more…)

Client Relationships: 7 Simple Rules.

We all know that client relationships are important. Being creative and resourceful is essential to maintaining and growing your client base. Wendi McNeill, owner of Charli Jane Speaker Services, (more…)

Should Codes of Ethics Apply to Online Blogging?

An ongoing debate among journalists and bloggers alike continues to bring the issue of ethics into the picture. While the majority of journalists feel that ethical guidelines should apply to all writing, many others feel that the personal, (more…)

Could Twitter be Bad for Your Brand?

Social networking has become a popular - and successful - way for companies to market their brand. But could your employees and representatives be bringing you negative attention? (more…)

A Fine Line for Facebook Content.

A 12-year-old, British boy recently racked up a tab around $1,400 by playing Farmville on Facebook. The game is played by millions of players monthly. His mother is asking both Facebook and Farmville developer, Zynga, (more…)

How Far Will Product Placement Go?

Growing up I was always particularly cognizant of brands. My father worked for a major beverage company. As a kid, if we were allowed to drink soda, we were not allowed to drink Brand X, since Dad’s company (more…)

Overwhelmed by Social Media Planning?

In this uncertain, fluctuating marketplace I often hear CEOs, business owners and middle managers who share a common perception of social media. Fear of the unknown. Fear that if I speak on Facebook, Twitter etc. (more…)

Does Your Business Practice What it Preaches?

What are we to think when companies don't practice what they preach on a business level? Part of Petsmart's messaging to their customers is to bring your dog to the store as an extension of your experience. (more…)

Did the Internet Kill the Video Star?

Ever wonder what happened to the video star of yesteryear? Remember when MTV actually meant videos on TV? The recording industry has changed a lot in the last few years. Blockbuster, big-budget videos don't dictate record sales anymore. (more…)

Has the Media Lost it’s Way?

How much distraction is too much? Have the media and broadcast outlets overdone it trying to promote every bit of content? Does everything need a continuous plug these days? Online editorial layouts shown (more…)

The Value of Good PR….Again.

Another example of how not all publicity is good publicity.

Live Longer Better…

Myths: • I will try really hard to live to be 100. False. Only 1 out of 10 people will reach 100 years old. Most people are engineered to live past having kids and to live to see their kids grow up. • Treatments slow or reverse aging. False. (more…)

Not “Everything” on the Internet is Free…

Why should you care if I use video or pictures off of the internet? Why should I care about using my neighbor's Wi-Fi for free? Because it's all a little thing called illegal. Using images and pictures off of the internet is copyright infringement. (more…)

What Do You Do When You Have a Good Job and Lousy Coworkers?

Are social activities too much of a distraction in the workplace? I have worked many jobs where my fellow coworkers were laughing and playing around while the boss was away. I have sat through many meetings where all the staff did was (more…)

When Will the Banks Get It?

Between banks using scare tactics to sell overdraft protection to credit card companies finding ways to add additional fees, it's no wonder the market has little trust in our financial institutions. (more…)

Credit Card Companies Can Still Find Ways to Charge More…

One way or another, credit card companies will use whatever means necessary to make up for new restrictions on their fees structure. If they can't get paid one way, they will easily find another way (more…)

Empower Yourself to Reach Your Goals.

Find out where you really belong. We all have inherent skill sets that are well suited for a variety of life's callings. In our passion and talents, we find a sense of tranquility. Whether it's painting, riding a motorcycle, gardening, etc. (more…)

Is Your Attitude Holding You Back?

Does someone with an accent make you think they are less intelligent? If someone is from another country does this make them a second class citizen in the eyes of some Americans? The way some homegrown Americans treat others (more…)

Give Your Resume a Facelift.

Looking to give your resume a facelift? The more mature workforce out there have either too much detailed information on their resumes or lack some of the new important tools. Here are a few tips that should help boost your profile and be on your resume: (more…)

Find Direction in Your Life.

Are you experiencing a feeling of indecision, loss of self-confidence, panic, self-defeating behaviors, a frightening sense of emptiness? Don't let your negative side overshadow the quest to find your true self. So let's eliminate the negative and let the positive part of your life start to guide you. (more…)

A Weak Economy Impacts How You Market Your Business.

"It has obviously been a year of a lot of uncertainty," Laura Beech, director of online acquisitions and partnerships for American Express, said. "Am I going to have my job? Am I going to have my house? What's next? So what's important is staying authentic, staying consistent." (more…)

Are Excuses Getting in the Way of Growing Your Business?

Social media has pushed many out of their comfort zones and into a whole new world. Technology moves by the speed of light sometimes and that comes with some resistance. Some thought rock and roll was a fad too, but that's not going anywhere either. (more…)

New Technology Makes the Super Bowl Even Better.

With leaps in recent technology, the Super Bowl is integrating tech into its fan experience. High-tech security scanners will be used to scan both people and packages entering the stadium and law enforcement will have bomb-removal robots at the ready (more…)

How to Avoid Layoffs in This Economy?

SAS Institute, a business analytics software company, has been able to avoid layouts in this economy with very little turnover. SAS has avoided layoffs by instituting hiring freezes. They still maintain growth today. They cut back on travel and expenses, (more…)

Pocket First Aid App Saves a Life in Haiti.

An iPhone app saved a life while the victim sat under feet of rubble from the earthquake in Haiti. A Pocket First Aid & CPR app helped to save filmmaker, Dan Wooley's life when he was trapped for 65 hours in the lobby of a hotel in Port-au-Prince (more…)

Is Transparency Real?

Sometimes things aren't always what they seem from the outside. For example, you never really know someone even if you date someone for a while. For that matter, even if you date them and live with them there is always something you didn't know about (more…)

Looking Back…

I look over all the brief headlines as I surf the net, like busting bone loss myths, monkey boy hides out in Mexico, etc. Will our lives be influenced by an endless amount of sound bites? Should we abbreviate and edit so much out of our lives (more…)

Beat the Winter Doldrums.

Winter is my least favorite season. Here are some ideas to cope with this cold, dreary time of year. • Get some sun: Walking to your favorite coffee shop or just taking a few minutes outside will get you out of your dark office (more…)

Top 3 Ways to Stay Motivated in the New Year.

As the snow slowly falls this season, now is the time for new goals and new beginnings. 1. Let music pave the way. Are there any songs out there that could describe where I want to be? Yeah, I know it's kind of corny, but (more…)

Top 3 Tips to Save Money in the New Year.

We all know about the huge ups and downs of the economy in the past year. This is the time of year we are looking for ways to save on our taxes, etc. There are 3 big ways to use our money more effectively in today's market. (more…)

Top 5 Tips to Hit Your New Year Goals!

As the year comes to a close, we are all looking forward to a fresh new year and for some new beginnings. Let's face it, most of us would love to shed a few pounds, be healthier, etc. We all have some form of our own "kryptonite". (more…)

How Far Will You Go to be Famous?

Some people will do anything to be famous. Every day I hear more reports about people trying to get famous by doing something outrageous, unethical, immoral, and sometimes flat out illegal to get their own reality TV show. (more…)

Does Tweeting in Court Jeopardize a Fair Trail?

Trial judges are now required to order jurors not to use phones or other electronic devices while in trial or in deliberations. Would it be right to tweet about the latest happenings if you were on the jury, the judge, or even worse the defending attorney? (more…)

If One Dog Can Make a Difference, What About You?

The true nature of animals can be a testament to the love they give unconditionally. Everyone searches to be loved for just who they are and where they are in life. Ricochet, the surfer therapy dog is a great example of how sometimes people live out someone else's dream. (more…)

Has Social Media Gone Too Far?

Has the law blurred between our private and public worlds? Has too much access gone too far? Have we all gone beyond too much information for public view? I often wonder if reality TV brought down barriers. Did it make it OK to show what we do in private? (more…)

Viral Videos, the New Genre.

There often seems little rhyme or reason why certain videos resonate with the public so well. Could it be that we all know someone who's danced on a table and has unexpectedly fallen off? Or, for that matter, why is America's Home Video so popular (more…)

Top 10 Heroes of the Year.

We sometimes think of childhood heroes as a vestige of yesteryear. In the hustle and bustle of our lives, it's nice to take a moment to see who moves us. Heroes had such a useful purpose historically but, do we take the time to identify our own heroes/role models? (more…)

Tips for Reputation Management.

If you are a celeb, a superstar, or the average Joe, your reputation means everything in growing and maintaining your business. Personal problems can taint your value and become more of a distraction. (more…)

Ideas Still Rule in the Marketplace.

IdeaPaint is a fun product that allows people to use dry erase markers directly on their walls. It can be used in the home, school, or even in the office. What began as a college dorm room invention has hit the market in a big way. (more…)

Uncommon Signs of Economic Bounce Back.

Researchers have found some uncommon trends to forecast economic gains. This goes to show, what the media does to spin the current state of the times is not always as dire as it seems. I often think the consumer's attitude toward the economy (more…)

Overwhelmed By Hard to Read Web Reporting?

Ever get a report from IT and the pages run on until infinity? Digital analytics can provide some real hard data. However, reports can be very overwhelming. There is so much data to decipher to truly get the benefits of the information. (more…)

Are Machines Being Used to Change Your Behavior?

Humans have been trying to influence behavior for hundreds of years. Do all the available technologies like gaming, mobile apps, the internet, kiosks, smart environments, etc. really change a person's perception drastically? (more…)

Top 5 Ways Twitter Can Really Help Your Business.

1. A way to enhance your customer service. You can set up Twitter as a way to receive questions about your company's products or services. The TweetDeck app has a built-in permanent third-party search method. Your customers can let you know what type of help they may need. (more…)

Care About Your Reputation?

Lately, I have seen several instances of local politicians or movie stars sending out PR blasts, and even a local press conference, to let people know they are either getting a divorce or in some cases 'working through' issues. (more…)

Are You a Clueless Salesman? Free Sales Tips.

Hey sales people, listen up. I want to give a perspective from the other side. If you every wonder why you might not land that job you submitted an estimate for these days there may be a few reasons why. 1. You don't fully listen to your customer. I had a several sales people come out and give me pricing on a fire alarm system for my home. I explained what I wanted and the rep seemed to understand the key items I wanted to purchase. Then he returned with a commercial rep. He was asking about all kinds of things that just didn't apply. I was so frustrated by the time he left. I was repeating myself, over an over like a bad rerun of the Ground Hogs Day movie.

Bloggers Need to Be Aware of New FTC Rules.

If you visit popular blog sites that review products, there are some new rules bloggers must adhere to by the man, the FTC. Popular bloggers are now subject to federal guidelines that state bloggers must disclose freebies in product reviews. (more…)

Social Media Strategies: Do More With Less Time.

Time, energy, and funding resources are scarce.  Before you know it, an hour and a half have been lost on social media. Tools can be frustrating if you don't utilize your precious time well. After all, time is money that we can never get back. (more…)

5 Ways to Improve Your LinkedIn Invitations.

1. Personalized invitation messages can remind people how you know them or where you met. Add a ‘personal note’ and send them a note or link about something of interest that is linked to you. For example, if I belong to green business groups, (more…)

How MC Hammer Used Social Media to Reinvent Himself.

MC Hammer has used Twitter integration to reach out to his fans. He discusses business, life and music. He is an avid self-proclaimed Twitter addict. The passion and the frequency of his tweets are authentic to his own brand, and voice. (more…)

Ever Wonder Why You Didn’t Get That Job? Job Landing Tips.

I really want to help people out there to get hired. I think it might be beneficial as the CEO of my company, who makes the final hiring decisions, to share my experiences while I search for candidates for my open positions. (more…)

Addicted to Reality TV?

In some ways reality TV has replaced the typical soap operas. VH1 and MTV shows are almost totally scripted, and every reality show has to have some sort of production set up. But for the majority of reality shows the characters are encouraged to be themselves. The more realistic the show, the more legs it seems to have. These shows are extremely...

Insight Into the Power of Women Spending in the Global Marketplace.

We are continuously doing research on "why she buys" to give us insight into the impact that female consumers have on the marketplace. Much of what we learn in school is based on the age-old rules that were established when men ran the show. Not so much anymore. (more…)

Frustrated By Not Landing an Interview? Job Applicant Tips.

Frustrated by sending out what seems like hundreds of resumes with little success? Let me give you a few tips that will help you stand out among the sea of applicants who apply for jobs every day at our company, Baker Creative. (more…)

Is social hacking the next thing to look out for?

With all of the social media tools available to day like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, High5 etc..., how can we really feel secure in our postings? Recently, Twitter was hacked and it was offline for a while.  I often wonder if we are sharing all of this content out there are we making ourselves more vulnerable to hackers? And if so can we protect our content? This could have some serious implications from a reputation management perspective. If a large corporation posted a message into social media and it was manipulated into something quite offensive. The negative implications can be huge. Miss information can spark feeding frenzies, things like Web forums and newsgroups were the main social communication tool. People would go from Web forum to Web forum to spread news about people or products. Think about it, if the media surfs social media for the inside scoop for new stories, it could end up on the news. For example I was following Oprah when she first started Tweeting. She had mentioned pulling a story because she didn't want to sensationalize the Columbine shootings. That was a story on my 6:00 local news that very same day. I also noticed when the Swine Flue first was talked about all types of miss information was populated around. There was such a panic. Now imaging what if your big company who you worked for Twitter account was hacked and it said they were going to go out of business. The workplace would be buzzing with the miss information. Here are some useful tips: • Use a different password for your accounts. • Don't post all personal information online. Social media is about sharing but not if your passwords are based upon your pet's names or hometown. • Security experts advise people to use unique, complex passwords  and include a mix of numbers and letters. Free password management programs like KeePass and 1Password can help people. • Resetting your passwords periodically is a good thing to do as well. • Write down your user name and passwords and store them in a private space. • Populate your blog to a variety of web sites to point followers to in case of any breach in security. • Create a action plan in case there ever is an issue with your account. • Monitor your postings often to keep a eye out.

Turned down by jobs lately? Job tips for landing on your feet.

I am the CEO and have the final say when someone is hired at my company. I thought it might be beneficial to offer some useful tips on how to get hired in this economy. A perspective from the other side... of the desk I mean. We are currently trying to fill 3 new positions. It's quite surprising the lack of detail and care many candidates project out there. Remember, you are the product...you are the brand. Every time a potential candidate reaches out to my company for a job it will leave a lasting impression, for better or for worse. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to stand out about the crowd. • Everyone and their brother wants to make a million bucks, who doesn't, please go in there with a realistic expectation of what today's market prices can bear for your talent. Keep in mind if HR didn't see the potential in you would not even get interviewed. • Talent is subjective. Everyone thinks they are the best at this or that. Show me proof why you are the are the best. But also be aware of what your weaknesses are as well. A well grounded candidate is a person you can work with over any over inflated egos. • Provide references that still have working phone numbers. I can't tell you how many calls I made to find out the cell phone provided was someone else or disconnected. • Don't over inflate or exaggerate how great your accomplishments. I once interviewed a person for a job. Her references were mainly non working numbers, the staff didn't remember who she was or she just flat out lied in her interview. They told me point blank she was the opposite of her claims. It would be so much better for this candidate to be honest and open about her past performance than to provide misleading information. If a candidate lied about things already, what would it be like to trouble shoot any issues that may arise with a client? A person needs to demonstrate strong ethical behavior regardless what others may think. We all have good and bad jobs-that's life. • In a interview, if the pay range isn't what you had in mind please do not use this as a opportunity to negotiate the pay range before your are even offered the job. You might be over stepping by assuming you already have it.  Let them offer the job first before going into a heated negotiation. I understand money is tight for everyone. You might consider other outside perks beyond price such as work environment, staff and company reputation. No one included the employer wants to hire someone who can't wait to leave the minute they get to work. • Check out the company before you attend the interview. I was interviewing this girl and she flat out lied about viewing our website. She was going on and on about the case study regarding work for one of our clients. The thing was, there wasn't any case studies regarding this client. Just be honest. It will get you a lot farther. • Be yourself, relax and really show your personality. In conclusion, if you (your brand) is authentic and honest about what you can bring to the table, you have already stood out. I care about all of my staff and I want to place someone who I can not only help them grow but is also an important asset to part of my team.

How to build trust with social media

Last week Nielsen released the 2009 Global Online Consumer Survey of over 25,000 Internet consumers from 50 countries.  The survey covers degrees of trust consumers have for advertisers/brands. Online people trust others opinions more than ads and the media. For example, the newspaper industry has lost significant trust within the last 2 years.
  • 90% of consumers trusted recommendations from people personally knew
  • 70% trusted opinions from other online users
  • 70% trusted brand websites.
  • For companies not engaging in the social media marketing miss out on market research, feedback and opportunities.
  • Brands have had to increase their transparency, and be more honest because consumers can go and search for the truth online, offered by strangers.
  • Those companies who value the opinions and expressions of their customers by displaying them on the company website showing complete transparency, companies build trust. What should companies improve their relationships with online consumers?

•  Offer a authentic conversation that can offer is a sense of belonging.

• Engage online participation that offer compelling benefits.

Old school social media application

In a dark nightclub a secret was spreading around the room like wildfire. A message passed from person to person. The crowd anxiously awaiting the outcome of things to come. The singer on stage was rocking her heart out when she was suddenly interupted by a stranger asking her to marry her. Out of disbelief she looked over to her endearing boyfriend and saw him on his knees with a ring. She accepted.  I wonder if the message changed at all by the time it reached her? The crowd roared with approval.

Take a moment to get inspired…

I noticed on the 6:00p.m. world news there was the coolest story. It was about people donating kidneys to others. They under went the surgery with no recipient in mind. All they focused on someone elses need. They recognized the pain of others and did something about it. I think that is of the most admirable things someone can do. It's not about the fame, recognition or the money. I look to those 7 people who donated something money can't buy- a chance for someone to have a normal life. They showed the compassion to give of themselves. They are my heros . Life is so busy. Often times it's easy to miss those pure moments, that it's really about us and not just about "me". Give yourself a break, look around and take a chance to recognize a unsung hero. You never know one could be closer than you think.

Top 10 tips to landing a great job

I am thankful when someone takes to the time to submit a resume for consideration. I often wonder when we get job applicants who submit resumes without any regard to the job posting or a missing cover letter. Were they just time poor and hoping something will stick? Lets get real. If a candidate is truly interested in working here they might need to make an small time investment in finding out about the corporate culture, our clients etc... I can't tell you some of the interesting responses I have gotten why a cover letter wasn't attached. It's like coming to a job interview wearing a pair of Chuck tennis shoes. I appreciate business casual, please keep in mind I think those shoes are cool if you were already hired. But an interview is the time for us to see your best foot forward. If I have to give advise to the job seeker in this tough economy I have a few tips: • Read the posting to see if your skill set is the right fit for the job • Read and address your strengths in proving the ability to perform required  job duties and responsibilities • Don't call and say your applying for any job that's open. • Review the company's website and research them before you go to the interview. • If the posting states no phone calls please - it means wait for them to contact you. • If the posting asks for resume, references, salary requirements etc... do include all of them. • Be as realistic on job compensation based upon today's standards • Provide real working phone numbers for references • Don't send a note to a job posting asking for more information about a job posting before sending a resume. There are jobs out there. You just need to have some patience and don't give up. Good luck.

Top 7 tips to get noticed in social media

Social media has drastically changed the landscape of the internet, PR, editorial news, marketing etc... It's more important than ever to be involved in the global conversation. Write something of true relevance and value to build relationships with others. Here are just a few ideas: 1. Blog- Advantages of blogging: a) starting a conversation about your offering, b) adding search engine content c) creating a place for customer feedback. 2. Comment On Other Blogs- It’s one thing to write your own blog. It’s another to go out and give your thoughts and appreciation to other bloggers. It builds relationships. 3. Your Logo- I cannot stress the importance of having your logo available in an easy-to-embed format for others to populate it in social media avenues. 4. Your Text- Have real text available and don't just create a website that's Flashed based for easy to use social media application. 5. Twitter-  Get started on Twitter and listen to the conversations first before going hog wild. There are several articles online for social media etiquette. 6. Go To Events- Another easy one. Go to tweetups, conferences, podcamps, etc. Network and populate who and what your band means both online and reinforce it in person. 7. Videos- Make videos. Make a 2 minute video that talks about what you do and put it on your site. Additionally, you should have it on vimeo, blip.tv, youtube, metacafe etc...

Give yourself a break today!

Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all of the messages overloading me by the end of the day. Bad news on the TV is so heavy. The news will always be there when I am ready for it. Enough already. There are plenty of resources to provide good news all over the internet. It's all about the focus and where I need to spend my energy today to recharge.  A great little website I like to peek at here and again is http://www.goodnewsnetwork.org/. It talks about all of the great things happening today all over the world. You can also de-stress by: -Don't buy into office politics - stay neutral -Don't always raise your hand to go up the corporate ladder -Don't put up with crap, personal or otherwise - if you don't like confrontation just be polite and walk away - If things cause you grief it's always best to deal with them or get rid of them -Let go of resentments-they will only punish you and not the other person -Do something nice for someone else, a stranger or someone you love -Don't forget to treat yourself with time to read, watch your favorite show or take in a funny movie -Take some time to Laugh-I have many links to YoutTube videos for mini breaks throughout the day Life is too short and remember - give yourself a break. Feel free to share some of your ideas.

Authentic Sports Fans Rule…

I am very facinated by the raw expressions and reactions true sports fans have when they watch thier favorite team. I often wonder if some non die hard fans fake thier vervor to fit into the group. The true fan would be so wrapped up in watching the game he/she might not even notice. I wish I could capture that enthusiasm and put all that energy into a bottle. There is something so raw and authentic about it. The are so atuned to every play by play as if they were actually playing the game. I have seen it bring strangers together in remote countries across multi-cultural boundaries. The essence of it can be shared around the world. I think that's why I love the Olymipcs so much. The thought of a athlete who trains non-professionally (in some cases) just for one brief defining moment. Was all the sacrifice worth it in the end. How would this athlete be able to handle the outcome long term? There's so much we can learn from eachother.