Is Transparency Real?

Is Transparency Real?

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Sometimes things aren’t always what they seem from the outside. For example, you never really know someone even if you date someone for a while. For that matter, even if you date them and live with them there is always something you didn’t know about until you tie the knot. I didn’t know he was so messy, loved to eat in bed, etc. There are always two sides to everyone. We just fall in love with the side we see.

Brands are like that as well. There are tons of brands out there and while some are screaming, others are whispering for attention. Brands are a lot of lot like the person you might have dated or married. You never know how they really are until you work for them, get close and see how they function.

Today, consumers and employees demand a more heightened level of transparency. There is an expectation of wanting to know things; to be in control so I feel safer in this scary world of ours. I think it may be a false sense of security. Consumers demand things, but they may not know the full gravity of what they are asking. I think consumers really want to know if the company is legitimate and authentic. Are you on my team and can I trust you when times get tough? I think there are countless examples of that in the recent mortgage crisis with investment companies and bank institutions. We all thought it would be safe and that their advice was the real deal. After all, they do this for a living right? I recognize there are very reputable companies out there who really work hard at doing it right. Be careful of brands saying one thing and acting like another.

There are two sides, two faces to every coin. That’s why we often hear on TV, “I spoke to him every day. He seemed like such a great quiet neighbor. I just don’t believe it was him.” Always remember we are all human. We all are vulnerable. Just don’t let fear hold you back from your dreams.