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Investing in Your Business for a Big Payoff.

Whether you are starting a new business or wanting to expand your current business, there are a few things that you need to invest in to make it successful.

Holiday Magic All Around the World.

In America, the traditions around the Holidays for most families are putting up a big tree full of lights, dressing up in red and going to visit Santa at the mall. But what about the other countries around the world?

The Importance of Maintaining Your Brand.

Everyone knows that keeping the look of your brand is important. It is important for the public, employees and potential workers to know what the company’s values are so these potential customers are more apt to embrace what the company has to offer.

We Love Columbus!

Columbus has always been a great city and with a population of around 920,000 people, it is growing every day! We have so many things to do here for a variety of people. Whether you are a family looking for a Saturday activity

Why Do Social Media Bios Matter?

Branding yourself or your company is key online. Your audience is unfamiliar with what you do and who you are. How you decide to define that can make the difference between being found or being part of the sea of content easily ignored.

Growing up: Tips to Help Your Business Thrive.

As the year comes to a close, many small businesses are looking at trends and planning for the year ahead. Some fortunate companies will have to deal with growing pains. Business boomed last year and now your baby no longer fits into the structure that worked like a charm for you previously.

Business Etiquette Basic: Phone Call Karma.

How many times have you seen these scenarios? A. You are working on a project that’s getting dangerously close to deadline. Only one of the messages you left requesting quotes with five potential vendors returned your call.

Be a Small Business or Corporate Do-gooder.

The Holidays are approaching fast. Only a few more prep days before the Thanksgiving feast commences. Many business owners are thinking of ways to give back during this season of warm fuzzies.