Whole brand approach builds brand equity and business

Whole brand approach builds brand equity and business

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Businesses are finding the value of embracing “holistic brand thinking” to build brand equity and business for their organizations and clients.

Holistic brand thinking combines the best thoughts regarding a brand internally and externally of an organization to differentiate the brand in the eyes of the people who matter the most to your bottom line – your customers. We have offered this philosophy since the inception of Baker Creative.

First, inside your company the marketing strategy is developed that will need to be supported by leaders, viewed as credible by customers, and enthusiastically supported by your associates across the same departments that may have previously functioned as siloed teams.

Once you’ve initiated your refined brand strategy, continue to monitor, pivot and adjust based on what the customer culture and marketplace are telling you. Doing so will help you remain relevant to set your entity apart from the pack.

Whole brands see everything they do — both inside the organization and externally — as the brand. Whole brands purposefully view success as involving not only profit and company performance. They include the impact they have on the customers, staff and communities.

Whole brands are successful in the marketplace and share some common characteristics that keep them profitable. They are also appreciated by their customers for how they engage with the world. More and more consumers select products from companies that align with their personal core values.

In some cases, whole brands are performing more than 40% better than regular brands. Whole brands have less employee turnover and greater internal employee cohesiveness than other companies. And customers gravitate to brands that do the right thing.

Here are some ways to shape your organization into an entity powered by a whole-brand view:

  • Look at every thought process as a creative opportunity from all viewpoints, especially keeping in mind the customer’s perspective during each point of contact and how it relates to your core philosophy.
  • Make sure all aspects of your brand journey have the same level of fluidity and excellence for the customer. Every action involving a customer needs to demonstrate a reason to continue on the journey with you, not provide an excuse to abandon your brand along the way.
  • Create the content, products and other offerings that align with the customer’s journey. Meet your customers wherever they are, including through influencers able to help share your authentic story for you.
  • Check out your competition and be a leader in the marketplace. Be a company known for both excellence and the personal touch. Keep the consumer as the focal point by listening to them and demonstrating that you understand.
  • Know your special purpose and deliberately promote it through corresponding actions. Are you just booking hotel rooms or are you really making emotional connections by helping customers make lasting memories and have special experiences? Focusing on the customer more than just making a quota will be visible in your brand posturing to your clients and be evident in your performance data. The more you understand valuing the whole person through a whole brand approach, the better you’ll be able to connect with your customers and be viewed by them as a necessity to them, just like singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is to her Swifties fans!
  • Your whole brand has to be perceived as presenting a consistent experience, authentic within and outside the organization and to employee partners, suppliers, customers, etc., all throughout the cycle.

By taking these steps, your organization will be better able to make connections with your customers as a whole brand, to pivot and to survive whatever heads your way.

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