Find Direction in Your Life.

Find Direction in Your Life.

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Are you experiencing a feeling of indecision, loss of self-confidence, panic, self-defeating behaviors, a frightening sense of emptiness? Don’t let your negative side overshadow the quest to find your true self. So let’s eliminate the negative and let the positive part of your life start to guide you.

• Am I depressed and sick of my life?
• Am I drifting because I know something perfect is waiting just over the horizon?
• If I could jump ahead five years and meet myself, who would I meet?

Identity crisis often brings out the most intense insecurity and fear we can imagine.
Exercise: Read each question first thing in the morning, then close your eyes and wait for an answer. Be patient and don’t expect anything. If you hear a lot of mental noise, exhale and clear your mind. Whatever answer you receive after a few minutes, will be today’s answer. Move on to the next question. Don’t think about the questions again. Enjoy the rest of your day, not worrying about the answers. Repeat this daily until one of the answers reveals itself to feel just right. Remember it’s a process, a journey only you can take. So be easy with yourself.

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