Give Your Resume a Facelift.

Give Your Resume a Facelift.

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Looking to give your resume a facelift? The more mature workforce out there have either too much detailed information on their resumes or lack some of the new important tools.

Here are a few tips that should help boost your profile and be on your resume:
• Start your own blog. Give employers further insight into how you think and write. It can position you as an expert in your field. It’s a great place to highlight your knowledge.

• Get on Facebook and LinkedIn. These are great resources to connect and network with people.

• Get a great picture taken of you to post on social media. Realtors, professional speakers and entertainers should be the only applicants to use your picture on your resume.

• Stick to the facts on your resume. I see resumes that go on way too long about trivial details. Hit the big facts and show your great skills. That will get my attention.

• Be sure to add current references. Nothing is worse than when an employer checks your references and they are not valid. It will hurt your credibility.

• Never lie on a resume. It’s better to be honest than to over-exaggerate your skillset. For example, if you got hired and you can’t truly perform all the duties because you oversold yourself, you’ll be out of a job anyway. Remember to be honest. Be yourself.