Is Your Attitude Holding You Back?

Is Your Attitude Holding You Back?

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Does someone with an accent make you think they are less intelligent? If someone is from another country does this make them a second class citizen in the eyes of some Americans? The way some homegrown Americans treat others with an accent is awful. These people really need to take a second look at how this country was founded in the first place. I see countless people who refuse to speak with someone who has a foreign accent. They will flat out refuse to even try to speak to them on the phone or even in person. The funny thing is, the person on the other line thinks the other person is the one with the accent.

I ‘m not talking about random people with little education. I have seen well educated, well-traveled people/professionals with this type of intolerance for foreigners. They are offended by having to inconveniently push a button on the phone to chose either English or Spanish. Their mentality is, it’s America and by God, if you come here you’d better speak English.

Time for a reality check. A lot of those people with accents actually speak multiple languages and have higher degrees of education than many of those looking down their noses at the so-called “foreigners.” They also are a heck of a lot more patriotic and truly understand what the word “freedom” means in this country. They lived in situations where they didn’t have it and believe this country is the best place in the world. These people have fought hard to get here and earn their citizenship. I truly believe this is a strong form of prejudice. Often times I see homegrown Americans take the wonderful rights we have for granted.

Just remember the next time you interact with someone with a foreign accent, that they are someone’s mother, sister, father, son, brother, or daughter and they deserve the same mutual respect you expect from them. They actually have feelings and they do recognize your attitude as a reflection of a small-minded person. It takes tremendous courage to come here and leave everything for the American dream. Please recognize that we are part of the same human race.