We make sure you know who your customers are and what they're thinking. That's the first, critical step in creating the emotional connection between you and audiences that allows you to effectively communicate your values. The result? A deep, enduring brand loyalty that transcends price because it is built on trust.
We gather these customer insights in part through our in-house Discovery Studio, which utilizes both traditional and experimental research methods to uncover opinions, attitudes, behavior and motivations. There is a relevant dynamic to what a brand says and does to what the audience actually hears. In today’s business climate, it’s not enough to say you care; brands need to prove it with their actions.
Our social listening Gab Lab, provides an accurate, up to the moment snapshot of shifts in customer attitudes and actions influenced by cultural, social and economic trends. Our digital anthropology services evaluate how audiences interact in digital worlds. We look at how human behavior changes over time due to technology, globalization and other outside forces (i.e. COVID-19). It also explores how these shifts in behavior changes take root and become part of mainstream culture. We leverage what matters to your audiences to build more critical brand connections to deepen loyalty to transcend price.
This approach accurately forecasts future consumer behavior to help you adjust upcoming customer demands and expectations. Our insight typically reveals growth opportunities, allowing companies to offer new products or services ahead of their competition.

Actionable Insights

Our customer insights lead to exceptional competitive foresight.

Customer Experience

Do you know what your customers are thinking? Your company's future depends on it.

Creative & Branding

At Baker Creative, we approach it as a holistic snapshot of the people, processes and platforms that will bring your strategy to life.

Social Media

Baker Creative can help you to attract and convert new customers, retaining and empowering existing customers results in a higher ROI.

Modern Public Relations

With modern PR, information can be transformed into conversations, influence and companies can speak directly to their target audience at a moment's notice.

Reputation Management

Your online reputation has a direct impact on your bottom line, credibility, stock value and your ability to attract quality talent.


We can create content for a variety of industries from medical to consumer to education to B2B to educate and amplify your message.


From assessments to strategy to creative to management, we can carve out the right positioning to convert your insights into action.

Emotional Branding and Marketing

We focus on value creation, innovation and leveraging technology to drive sustainable growth that breathes life into your brand not only for today but for years to come.

Influencer Marketing

Influencers foster online trust which is translating to dollars. Twitter reports nearly 40% of Twitter users say they’ve made a purchase as a direct result of a Tweet from an influencer. The stats are trending even higher on other social media platforms.

HR Branding

Customers and talent are two very different stakeholders, who want different things from the organization. They have unique needs and distinct expectations of the organization.

Business Strategy and Management

At Baker Creative, we can provide a great actionable plan that can be easily implemented and managed to invest in your future.

Healthcare Branding and Marketing

The power of consumer choice will continue to increase as organizations will need to build clarity around what they stand for will be able to drive more meaningful choice in the marketplace.

Culture Branding

Baker Creative can foster a tighter emotional bond between your brand and the people who buy it to drive sales and brand awareness.

Innovation and Product Development

Want to roll out a new product or looking for the next big thing to help grow your business? Our Innovations Lab can identify and test untapped markets to foster new business opportunities.

We can help you deliver on the moments that matter the most in their customer journey.


Percent increase in revenue

We help our clients grow all over the world


Percent increase improved customer satisfaction rate

We leveraged the best of digital tools to elevate new market rollout


Percent increase in customer retention rate

We provided an integrated campaign to foster better customer relationship improve the customer experience and their bottom line


Percent increase in orders

From a short 3-hour event that generated sales of over $150,000+


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