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The customer experienced has changed.

72% of marketers say content marketing increases engagement and 72% say it has increased the number of leads (source: CMI).

Baker Creative unifies all of your digital channels together in a single consistent voice simply and seamlessly. From assessments to strategy to creative to management, we can carve out the right positioning to convert your insights into action. We can help break down conversion barriers to improve outcomes.
We can help you deliver on the moments that matter the most in the customer journey. With 60% of people finding it difficult to produce content consistently (source: Zazzle). We can provide a full suite of content services that will have the largest impact on long-term customer loyalty, spend and satisfaction.
We can improve performance and tracking to optimize your marketing campaigns to optimize the right channels. You can rely on our experience to help you avoid costly Martech missteps. We provide a comprehensive solution focused on integrated strategies, creative, testing and optimization. Our HR team can foster interdepartmental collaboration to avoid your staff from working in inefficient silos. Which may result in stronger bottom-line growth.
Digital Services:
• Predict customer behavior
• Improve customer satisfaction
• Deliver targeted promotions
• Assess your online presence and create a strategy to improve the customer experience
• Digital tech deck offers personalization, remarketing, geo-targeting and automation.
• Roll the brand out into new markets or products to niche audiences
• Create digital assets for marketing and social media
• Copywriting and content
• Mine your big data to leverage your insights and maximize your budget
- Digital marketing strategy development
- Integrating digital and traditional media
- Audits and recommendations
- Digital asset creation and development:
- Video
- Animation
- Advertising
- Infographics
- XI web design and microsites
- Online catalogs, annual reports and e-books
- Graphic design
- Core purpose, culture and voice
- Distribution and channel planning
- Consumer segmentation and profiling
- Activation Strategy
- Loyalty and advocacy
- Brand and culture audits and recommendations
- Category segmentation and profiling
- Brand strategy planning and mapping
- Positioning/re-positioning planning
- Business plans, metrics and best practices
- Marketing plans (Omni-channel) and analytics
- Human resources planning, metrics and best practices (*training is available)
- Situation analysis and next steps
- Competitor benchmarking
- Improve brand awareness to heighten market value
- Messaging and engagement
- Identification/development of niche markets and clusters
- Brand sentiment evaluations
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