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Influencer Marketing

Trust is the glue of life... It's the foundational principle that holds all relationships.”
― Stephen R. Covey

Influencer Marketing will reach between $5 and $10 billion by 2022 generating a general ROI of 200% (source: SocialPublic report).

It can dictate how a patient view palliative care to what’s the hottest thing on the runway this season. Influencers such as culture, economy, psychographics, personal history, education and family can shape customer’s perception and buying journey. This type of marketing works because it uses tactics like word-of-mouth marketing and social proof. They can shape customer’s perception and buying journey. Customers trust their peers, friends, and people they admire more than brands.
Baker Creative has been a contributor for leading brands such as Cisco Systems and a macro influencer on Pinterest and Linkedin. We personally understand what influencers want and are looking for. How to target, engage and leverage the right macro or micro influencer to amplify your message to educate and influence your target audience.
Baker Creative can target a variety of influencers across a variety of categories and locations to drive awareness. We connect your brand with the key influencers to be the right fit for your target audiences.
Influencer Marketing services:
• Campaign planning and strategy
• Influencer research and identification
• Relationships and opportunity management
• Events and+ influencer activations
• Product sampling and swag kits
• Social media takeovers
• Social listening and engagement
• Message development
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