HR Branding

Employer branding is essential for securing top talent

When deciding on where to apply for a job, 84% of job seekers say the employer's reputation is important.
Whether you send the message via internal marketing collateral, mission statements or frequent connections with the C-suite, you must show that HR’s purpose is to partner with the business in the pursuit of strategic business goals.
No matter what product or service your organization offers, competition can pop up out of nowhere. So, the best way to build a company’s strength is to leverage the talent within. HR should be seen as the organizational expert in doing that: managing human capital and how employees are attracted, selected, developed, retained and deployed. Those skills are increasingly pivotal to success.
Customers and talent are two very different stakeholders, who want different things from the organization. They have unique needs and distinct expectations of the organization and yet, many organizations make the mistake of using the same look and tone for their Employer Brand as their Corporate Brand.
In this world of "War for Talent", well-planned Employer Branding strategy can be a huge competitive advantage that sets you apart from their competitors. Baker Creative can Assist with recruitment and retention strategies to create the right culture for your brand to drive long-term sustainability and reduce turnover.
Top companies use advanced employer branding and recruitment marketing tactics to differentiate their employer brand. Because people's needs change over time.
Your Employee Value Proposition (EVP) defines why people like working for you. An EVP includes things like compensation, benefits, growth opportunities, work culture and environment. Doing a deep dive into your HR data can ensure that your EVP continues to be fit for purpose.
Organizations that build strong, positive brand receive more applications from better quality candidates than those with poor brand reputations. Data-driven decision making provides a roadmap for an effective employer branding strategy. This will lead to higher employee retention, happiness and productivity.
HR Services:
• HR customer service training
• Assessments and best practices
• Corporate communication
• Content and education
• Employee social media and intranet strategic planning and management
• Reputation management
• Team building
• Leadership training and retention solutions
• Coaching supply chain partners to elevate diversity programs
• Assessing staff realignment and work flow processing due to acquisitions and growth
• Expanding bandwidth effectively to hit deadlines
• Addressing a culture of nepotism and cronyism blocking staff’s ability to get things done
• Blending merged workforces effectively
• Assessing benefits programs and workforce initiatives
• Internal kick offs and special events
• How to and corporate videos, animation
• Public relations and leadership media training
• Providing board and executive training
• Repositioning DE & I strategies to avoid business disruption
• Unifying departments and divisions to function in unison
• Partnering with ERG groups to avoid cultural silos
• Annual reports, white papers and case studies
• Microsites and intranets