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We can fill skill gaps when expertise is scarce

Looking to grow your bottom line? Keeping up with technological advances is a major challenge. 88% of CMOs surveyed stating it’s difficult to keep pace. At Baker Creative, we approach it as a holistic perspective. We look at the people, processes, and platforms that will bring your strategy to life. We look at your brand from a consumer-centric perspective. Understanding consumers’ emotional fingerprints help brands discover a new layer of actionable insights and sales conversions. There is an art to creative storytelling, media pitching, working with influencers engagement. We help audiences connect the dots between their desires, needs, emotional drivers and your brand’s value.
72% of CMOs say greater collaboration is happening between organizational entities in order to meet company-wide growth. We unite your corporate culture to improve their customer experience. All aspects of the customer journey are effected by every department's ability to meet clients’ expectations. This is where Baker Creative goes “beyond the brand” delivering proven game-changing solutions and strong ROI for our clients.

Our transformational Marketing occurs when, through the art of the story, you transform your customer from a transactional buyer into a life-long brand advocate by making your story their own.

Creative and Branding Services:
• Integrated marketing strategy development and planning
• Strategic positioning and development
• Customer journey management
• Digital, web and Martech solutions
• Predicative analytics
• Copywriting
• Strategy and implementation
• Custom content creation, copywriting and key messaging strategies
• Creative concepts and design
• Corporate identity
• Environmental
• Print
• Integrated automated marketing campaigns with social platforms
• Customer retention & loyalty programs
• Consumer & B2B advertising
• Brand voice and brand standards development
• Brand messaging and positioning
• Creative planning workshop
• Trend analysis and monitoring
• Creative audits, assessment and direction
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