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Our customer insights lead to exceptional competitive foresight.

Our in-house Discovery Studio and Gab Social Listening Lab goes deep under the surface to leverage psychographics, perceptions, behaviors, customer journeys and emotional drivers to identify the why or not to buy to drive ROI. We focus on cross-generational, key influencers, Millennials and ethnic groups.

At Baker Creative, we interpret and leverage human behavior to drive fresh ideas. We use a variety of research options to capture not only data, but emotions, values and aspirations. Baker Creative's proprietary, in-house Solutions Lab consists of our Discovery Studio and social listening Gab Lab.
Our award-winning approach analyzes cultural influence, behavior science, measurement and KPIs. The voice of the Customer is imperative for customer success, improving effective operations, and product development. These groups use this research to identify and improve all stages of the customer's journey by working together to enhance their products and services. This enables brands to connect and engage with customers at every touchpoint in the customer journey.
Together, they produce relevant insights into the “why behind the buy” (the emotions driving buying decisions) to reveal growth opportunities.
Research offerings:
In-house Research Lab: Discovery Studio
- Assessments, audits and recommendations
- Generational research (i.e.: Millennial, baby boomers, mommies and ethnic groups)
- Focus groups and 1:1 research
- Market & competitive analysis
- Consumer and B2B audits and insights
- Online surveys
- Interviews
- Experimental research gathering techniques
- Quantitative and qualitative data services & studies
- Ethnography storytelling
- Target persona development
- Product development
- Product usability/service testing
- Industry / sector research and analysis
- Competitive appraisals
- Brand Equity valuation
- Trend tracking and industry baselines
- Culture audits
- Concept testing
- Managerial process audits
- Human capital assessments
Social Listening Gab Lab
- Audits and recommendations
- Online reputation audits and management
- In-house “Gab Lab” to gather online market intelligence
- Media audit
- Brand sentiment evaluations
- Trend forecasting
Digital, Interactive and Traditional Marketing
- Assessments, audits and recommendations
- Product testing
- Digital usability testing
- Big data analytics interpretation
• Business Analysis and Research
- Assessments audits and recommendations
- Retail market analysis
- Business mix and use analysis
- Retail/B2B sales gap analysis
- Business development Plans for commercial districts
- Economic and fiscal impact analysis
- Identification/development of niche markets and clusters
- Business practice audits
- Trend tracking and industry baselines
- Industry business analysis
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