Which Social Media Platform is Right for You?

Which Social Media Platform is Right for You?

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Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and Pinterest. We all know them but may not love them all. Some companies like Kellogg’s, P&G and Honda utilize most of these, but what made them choose which ones? We’re all familiar with Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and Twitter as just a few choices on social media, but is your company missing valued customers by not using other platforms?

Facebook – Ah, the media king of them all. What is not to love? You can engage, share photos and videos, create events, post on other companies’ pages, learn about special offers, create private groups and basically know everything that is going on in the world.  With daily users reaching around 665 million, Facebook is everywhere. This is a great place to promote a company or a brand. If you are brave, you can also promote yourself, but you have to think about how a personal post will portray you.

Twitter – This platform is a little simpler to use but lacks some of the sparkle Facebook offers. Most companies and brands will post news about the company and content either relevant to the brand, or relevant to their followers. Hashtags (#) are most important in this social media world. Hashtags will connect you to millions of people around the world. Tweet something and include #NFL and anyone who searches #NFL will most likely see your tweet. Twitter is a platform to stay informed and connected. It also allows you to retweet your favorite tweets and post pictures.

LinkedIn – This is a professional platform. Executives, companies, students, and job searchers are involved with this platform. LinkedIn is where you showcase your professional accomplishments and resume. Companies connect employees and can show what their company is about. This is a great platform to search for jobs as well.

YouTube – Home of the video stars. YouTube engages people who are more visual and can also display videos in a matter of seconds. Although you can comment on videos that are posted, that is about all the engagement you can do. YouTube is also the central channel for news clippings you may have missed on TV. Plus, the funnier and more entertaining the video, the more popular it is.

Pinterest – Newer to the social media world, Pinterest has definitely made its spot with the royalty of social media. Pinterest is where you show your creative side. With unlimited board options, you can name each board for your interests. For example, “treats in the kitchen” or “home improvement”. Brands use this platform to display what they stand for and highlight what products they have. You are able to comment on pins but this platform is not for engagement.

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