Celebrities as election influencers

Celebrities as election influencers

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Celebrities play a valuable role in campaigns when they focus on where their authenticity lies.  Artists calling for people to register to vote or providing the means to register to vote at a concert provides a public service and uses their voice to remind fans that they have a voice, too.

It can boost voter participation at the polls. And if you vote, have more of a right to express an opinion about the results from having participated in the process.

Celebrities can also be effective in nudging their fans to vote because they can directly reach them with the social media platforms without interference. This is especially important to younger generations following them. It might also help combat the story related by one commentator asked by a twenty-something during a casual conversation, “How much does it cost to vote?”

Though celebrities are entitled to their voting preferences along with everyone else, one would hope that voters would look more at a politician’s platform when voting than which rocker shared the stage with the candidate.

For instance, a survey by eConsultancy showed that when it comes to brands, 61 percent of fashion and beauty brands have an influencer strategy and 21 percent more will be developing one within the next year.

This is where celebrities yield to the successful bloggers and Instagram posters as digital influencers perceived as mainstream people focused on a particular industry or niche, not the next endorsement paycheck.

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