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Celebrities as election influencers

Celebrities play a valuable role in campaigns when they focus on where their authenticity lies.  Artists calling for people to register to vote or providing the means to register to vote at a concert provides a public service and uses their voice to remind fans that they have a voice, too.

Unleash potential by adopting marketing trends

It’s a great time for a fresh start.  Renew your dedication to keep moving forward by looking at trends in marketing that can benefit your business. Digital remains part of the mix: Forbes predicts digital offerings replacing live, in-person presentations will be permanent.

Using the Art of Advertainment to Boost your Brand.

Many companies strive to be memorable to consumers so they buy into their brands through advertising. Advertainment is a portmanteau of advertising and entertainment. This can be anything from television and movies to songs and radio ads.

The Not-So-Lucky Marketing Mistakes.

  Some companies depend solely on luck when working on a marketing plan but in most cases, luck won’t get you by. Since St. Patrick’s Day just passed, we thought it would be beneficial to share tips on how to avoid bad marketing.

The Rise and Fall of Celebrity Branding.

  In recent news, Lance Armstrong has been in the limelight for taking performance-enhancing drugs and blood doping.  Lance Armstrong had been known for battling cancer, winning seven Tour de France competitions and partnering with Nike to start the LIVESTRONG Global Cancer Campaign.

The 50 Shades of Marketing.

In 2011, British author E. L. James took a chance with the world and published a novel that took sex and BDSM to a whole new level.  Under the genre of erotic fiction, the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy has really been

What’s Trending? Know More to Grow.

Big brands stay on top because they are able to anticipate upcoming trends in the marketplace. An article by CNNMoney reported that Netflix CEO Reed Hastings’ main fear was that his company would “get slow and stodgy.

Marketing Lessons from Mom.

Since Sunday was Mother’s Day, we’d like to take a moment to thank the mothers of our staff for shaping their lives and encouraging them in ways both large and small. Some of our staff members contributed lessons that their mothers taught them

Do You Feel Me?! Color Psychology and Personal Branding.

Colors evoke feelings. As children in art class, we learned to use reds, yellows and oranges to depict the warmed landscape in a sunny, beach day painting. Blues, greens and purples provided cool, refreshing tones of the water where children play.

Tips for Shameless Self-promotion…Blog Style.

Many professionals use blogs to further the message of their industry and/or discuss hot topics and trends. If done properly, their blog can help lead to bigger and better opportunities. However, the web is littered with blogs that started with the best of intentions,