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How to deliver on brand promise today

Corporate culture – whether in an office, factory or restaurant – still matters as much or more as before the pandemic arrived.

Growing sales in uncertain times

Understanding the ever-evolving customer was tricky enough before the world encountered a pandemic.  Some consumer habits were permanently adopted while others were gleefully discarded. Companies saw there were ways to connect with customers during changing times to cultivate brand loyalty.

Purpose vs. profit

The almighty dollar is always important and what keeps the doors of a business open and operating, but it takes more than that these days to define success in the eyes of employees and customers alike.

Celebrities as election influencers

Celebrities play a valuable role in campaigns when they focus on where their authenticity lies.  Artists calling for people to register to vote or providing the means to register to vote at a concert provides a public service and uses their voice to remind fans that they have a voice, too.

Unleash potential by adopting marketing trends

It’s a great time for a fresh start.  Renew your dedication to keep moving forward by looking at trends in marketing that can benefit your business. Digital remains part of the mix: Forbes predicts digital offerings replacing live, in-person presentations will be permanent.

Using the Art of Advertainment to Boost your Brand.

Many companies strive to be memorable to consumers so they buy into their brands through advertising. Advertainment is a portmanteau of advertising and entertainment. This can be anything from television and movies to songs and radio ads.

The Not-So-Lucky Marketing Mistakes.

  Some companies depend solely on luck when working on a marketing plan but in most cases, luck won’t get you by. Since St. Patrick’s Day just passed, we thought it would be beneficial to share tips on how to avoid bad marketing.