How to deliver on brand promise today

How to deliver on brand promise today

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Corporate culture – whether in an office, factory or restaurant – still matters as much or more as before the pandemic arrived.

Though the work landscape has changed dramatically over the past few years and affected how companies plan for the future, you can always count on a communications team to provide a great foundation as your organizational culture continues to adapt and evolve.

Communications teams are built upon the ability to listen and converse in an ongoing fashion with a variety of diverse audiences. Doing so helps ensure the   representation of these perspectives in the action plan that the communications team will create and implement for your brand strategy.

By listening first rather than immediately acting, your communications team can guide company leadership in continuing to build a company culture built on valuable necessities. This includes trust, providing opportunities for inclusion, and mutual respect in order to represent the variety of experiences of your company talent in a manner consistent with your brand promise.

What is your brand promise?  Look at what your company promises to deliver. It may be an unforgettable family experience, a great meal, or a product that simplifies a process that you’re offering to the customer, along with quality of the product, the customer experience and longevity of your company’s expertise.

Think of what is undeniable about your brand from the perspectives of both your associates and your customers.  Has your company been family owned for three generations? Are you the creator of the product? Did your customers vote your venue as #1?

Consider also the differentiating factors that set your brand apart from your competition.  Is it a quality service guarantee, locally sourced ingredients or stellar customer care?  All of these ingredients can make an awesome recipe for your brand promise coming to fruition.

Creating a brand strategy to fulfill a brand promise propels your organization on a journey that guides your company away from the pack, like a racehorse winning the Kentucky Derby by multiple lengths rather than just a nose.

You can also craft your brand promise by evaluating your competition to help see what similarities you have with others in the marketplace and also identify the areas where you are far and away the leader, the innovator or the differentiator.

By examining your brand along with others in your field, you’ll be able to more clearly identify opportunities for growth in the marketplace leading to greater customer loyalty and employee engagement within your organization. Brand promise includes all aspects of a customer’s engagement with you, including the emotional responses when they interact with your brand in any way.

A brand promise is more than empty words created to fill in the blanks on a company overview.  Fulfilling a brand promise or not can dramatically affect a company for better or worse in terms of sales, morale, brand equity and company reputation. Imagine the social media outrage if your new product lacks the quality of its predecessors, or if customer feedback is ignored without a prompt response.

This is also why it is so important to efficiently train your own staff first so they are familiar with a new product and the pulse points of customers gravitating toward the brand. Knowing what you’re about, what to expect, and how to identify a trickle of concern before it becomes a tidal wave will help provide smooth sailing for your brand. In our firm, we view your brand from a holistic perspective and from the point of view of the one who really matters: the consumer. Understanding their varying emotional fingerprints helps brands discover an entirely new level of actionable insights and sales conversions. Connecting the dots between the client desires, needs, emotional drivers and your brand voice is what we do.

More than 72% of chief marketing officers agree that greater collaboration is occurring between organizational entities in order to foster company growth. Working with a skilled brand management and strategy firm can be a catalyst in uniting a corporate culture in a company in flux and lead to an improvement in the customer experience as a result. All aspects of the customer journey are affected by every department’s ability to meet clients’ expectations. Baker Creative is known for going “beyond the brand” to deliver proven game-changing solutions and strong return on investment for our clients. We invite you to watch the art of the story transform your customers into devoted brand advocates as they make your story their own by identifying with your brand positioning.