New Technology Makes the Super Bowl Even Better.

New Technology Makes the Super Bowl Even Better.

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With leaps in recent technology, the Super Bowl is integrating tech into its fan experience. High-tech security scanners will be used to scan both people and packages entering the stadium and law enforcement will have bomb-removal robots at the ready (although federal authorities have said there has been no specific, credible threat against the game).

The iPhone has improved its ability to handle more people at the stadium on its networks.”Our network team has been working for months to deliver the best possible wireless experience for the games and their related activities.” stated AT&T. Sprint said, “it has spent more than $2 million on Super Bowl preparations, and other carriers are also adding towers to prepare for the information overflow.”

Smartphone users have great new apps for the game. Social networking is expected to play a role even for people who don’t actually care about the game. They expect there will be a lot of chatter regarding the outcome and the commercials that run. They even predict 41 percent of social media users will review the commercials again after the game. It goes to show you how powerful these commercials can be even after the fact on these social media channels.

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