New Career? Get Support.

New Career? Get Support.

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Each year many Americans decide to make a career change. Deciding what to do next can be a daunting task regardless of whether it is because of necessity or by choice. Create a solid support system for you to ensure success.

Here are a few resources to consider when navigating your next career change:

Community Networking Groups – Many communities have networking groups that are centered on helping people switch careers or find jobs. The groups are great to help find local, likeminded people to find support and help the transition go more smoothly. Some groups have individuals that can serve as mentors that offer advice from personal experience. is a great website to find people with like interests meeting in your area.

Forty Plus – With chapters all over the country, this nonprofit organization provides classes for job seekers and career changers of all ages.

Online Support Groups – Forums, social networks and chat groups allow people to commiserate in members’ triumphs and struggles when the option for in-person fellowship or camaraderie isn’t available. Online options may be a great resource for people who have trouble reaching out or asking for advice in person. For the easily embarrassed, a relative veil of anonymity may be just what it takes for keeping them on track. – This site offers support groups for all types of causes in addition to one specifically for career changers.

For additional resources, please be sure to contact local employment agencies, churches and other community centers for recommendations in your area.