Turned down by jobs lately? Job tips for landing on your feet.

Turned down by jobs lately? Job tips for landing on your feet.

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I am the CEO and have the final say when someone is hired at my company. I thought it might be beneficial to offer some useful tips on how to get hired in this economy. A perspective from the other side… of the desk I mean.

We are currently trying to fill 3 new positions. It’s quite surprising the lack of detail and care many candidates project out there.

Remember, you are the product…you are the brand. Every time a potential candidate reaches out to my company for a job it will leave a lasting impression, for better or for worse. Here are a few tips to keep in mind to stand out about the crowd.

• Everyone and their brother wants to make a million bucks, who doesn’t, please go in there with a realistic expectation of what today’s market prices can bear for your talent. Keep in mind if HR didn’t see the potential in you would not even get interviewed.

• Talent is subjective. Everyone thinks they are the best at this or that. Show me proof why you are the are the best. But also be aware of what your weaknesses are as well. A well grounded candidate is a person you can work with over any over inflated egos.

• Provide references that still have working phone numbers. I can’t tell you how many calls I made to find out the cell phone provided was someone else or disconnected.

• Don’t over inflate or exaggerate how great your accomplishments. I once interviewed a person for a job. Her references were mainly non working numbers, the staff didn’t remember who she was or she just flat out lied in her interview. They told me point blank she was the opposite of her claims. It would be so much better for this candidate to be honest and open about her past performance than to provide misleading information. If a candidate lied about things already, what would it be like to trouble shoot any issues that may arise with a client? A person needs to demonstrate strong ethical behavior regardless what others may think. We all have good and bad jobs-that’s life.

• In a interview, if the pay range isn’t what you had in mind please do not use this as a opportunity to negotiate the pay range before your are even offered the job. You might be over stepping by assuming you already have it.  Let them offer the job first before going into a heated negotiation. I understand money is tight for everyone. You might consider other outside perks beyond price such as work environment, staff and company reputation. No one included the employer wants to hire someone who can’t wait to leave the minute they get to work.

• Check out the company before you attend the interview. I was interviewing this girl and she flat out lied about viewing our website. She was going on and on about the case study regarding work for one of our clients. The thing was, there wasn’t any case studies regarding this client. Just be honest. It will get you a lot farther.
• Be yourself, relax and really show your personality.

In conclusion, if you (your brand) is authentic and honest about what you can bring to the table, you have already stood out. I care about all of my staff and I want to place someone who I can not only help them grow but is also an important asset to part of my team.