Is “Good Enough” Really Good Enough for Your Business?

Is “Good Enough” Really Good Enough for Your Business?

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Many professionals at some point in their careers have approached a deadline scrambling to complete a project questioning if they have given their best effort. Or, half-heartedly finished a task they are not too thrilled about, just to get it out the door.

My very handy, yet time-deprived dad would tell my mom “it’s finished, it’s perfect” when she commented about home improvement projects that did not seem quite right. Years later, a very costly repair bill would give my mom the ammunition she needed when she lovingly reminded him that they should have hired a professional in the first place.

There is a price for sacrificing your best effort. Companies and individuals need to understand the implications of quality. There may not be a second chance to correct a situation after disaster strikes. Have a plan, take charge and correct those areas that need improvement.

Not every oversight results in a global disaster, but you never know what might.

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