Would You Say Anything to Get a Job?

Would You Say Anything to Get a Job?

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Are you setting yourself up for unhappiness?

Many candidates today apply for jobs they are not well suited for, apply for positions their skills don’t fulfill the basic criteria of, or even apply for a part-time job when they really wanted a full-time one. Some really don’t want to work full-time hours but want the pay of a full-time job. While others even apply for a job not realizing the financial implications on their family, budget to live, daycare, etc. If you settle for these types of jobs you really won’t ever be happy in the job regardless of the pay. You will always think you have settled or you’ll end up in a job you never expected.

For example, you go to school to be a psychologist and end up selling cell phones. How were all of the money and hard work going to get you to your original end goals? Many get disgruntled about pay, or at the company after they have made such a huge investment in their education only to make little income. Maybe you need to ask yourself, what do I really want? Be honest with yourself about where you really want to be and be committed to it for yourself and others that are impacted by your decisions. Life is full of detours and distractions. Be committed to personal branding to keep your life on track.

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