How to NOT Present Yourself in an Interview.

How to NOT Present Yourself in an Interview.

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As the younger generation is starting to apply and interview for higher profile jobs, executives are seeing some interesting interviewees. Maybe the younger generation thinks they do not have to follow interview etiquette. We wanted to create a list of things you still shouldn’t do in interviews and rules you should always follow.

No toes, tummies, or ta-tas – When getting ready for an interview, make sure your shoes do not show your toes. If that means changing your outfit, then change it. Toes are not what executives want to see. After you put your blouse or dress shirt on, raise your arms and make sure your tummy doesn’t show. Also, sit down in front of a mirror and make sure you can’t see your belly in between the buttons. For the ladies, please no cleavage in an interview. Cover yourself up because if you interview with a woman, that will be an automatic no. Put a tank top or a thin blouse under the shirt you’re wearing.

Make-up and jewelry should be kept to a minimum – Ladies should keep their make-up as natural colors. No bright eye shadow, thick eyeliner, or bright pink lipstick. You are not being interviewed for your looks; you are being interviewed for your skills. If you have a lot of facial piercings, you might as well take those out now. Lip rings, eyebrow rings, nose rings and ten ear studs are not going to be appealing in an office setting. Most restaurants do not allow that as well. A simple necklace, bracelet and ring should do fine. Remember, you want all the attention of the interviewer on your words, not the bright, bulky necklace you have on.

No cell-phone zone – Please make sure your phone is off. Not vibrate, because nowadays people can hear those. You also don’t want it lighting up in your pocket. That is a distraction. If you can, leave it in your car. You should have all your references and contact information printed out already so there is no need for the phone to come out. If they want you to write down a phone number or email, keep a little notebook and pen in your pocket or purse.

Do not just “roll out of bed” – The messy hair look is not accepted in an interview. Shower, shave, do your hair, brush your teeth and apply the necessities depending on your gender. Also, for males and females, make sure your nails are clean and filed. Executives will shake your hand and they will notice dirt or chewed on fingers. If you have to get up an hour early, do it! It will be worth getting a job to start your career.

One last thing everyone should know is to dress professionally. Black or navy pants or medium skirts, white shirts and black or navy suit jackets. It will be worth the investment to buy a suit and if you shop smart you can find one on sale. Good luck with the interviews.