Top 7 tips to get noticed in social media

Top 7 tips to get noticed in social media

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Social media has drastically changed the landscape of the internet, PR, editorial news, marketing etc… It’s more important than ever to be involved in the global conversation.

Write something of true relevance and value to build relationships with others. Here are just a few ideas:

1. Blog- Advantages of blogging: a) starting a conversation about your offering, b) adding search engine content c) creating a place for customer feedback.
2. Comment On Other Blogs- It’s one thing to write your own blog. It’s another to go out and give your thoughts and appreciation to other bloggers. It builds relationships.
3. Your Logo- I cannot stress the importance of having your logo available in an easy-to-embed format for others to populate it in social media avenues.
4. Your Text- Have real text available and don’t just create a website that’s Flashed based for easy to use social media application.
5. Twitter-  Get started on Twitter and listen to the conversations first before going hog wild. There are several articles online for social media etiquette.
6. Go To Events- Another easy one. Go to tweetups, conferences, podcamps, etc. Network and populate who and what your band means both online and reinforce it in person.
7. Videos- Make videos. Make a 2 minute video that talks about what you do and put it on your site. Additionally, you should have it on vimeo,, youtube, metacafe etc…

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