Give yourself a break today!

Give yourself a break today!

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Sometimes I get overwhelmed with all of the messages overloading me by the end of the day. Bad news on the TV is so heavy. The news will always be there when I am ready for it. Enough already.

There are plenty of resources to provide good news all over the internet. It’s all about the focus and where I need to spend my energy today to recharge.  A great little website I like to peek at here and again is It talks about all of the great things happening today all over the world.

You can also de-stress by:
-Don’t buy into office politics – stay neutral
-Don’t always raise your hand to go up the corporate ladder
-Don’t put up with crap, personal or otherwise – if you don’t like confrontation just be polite and walk away
– If things cause you grief it’s always best to deal with them or get rid of them
-Let go of resentments-they will only punish you and not the other person
-Do something nice for someone else, a stranger or someone you love
-Don’t forget to treat yourself with time to read, watch your favorite show or take in a funny movie
-Take some time to Laugh-I have many links to YoutTube videos for mini breaks throughout the day

Life is too short and remember – give yourself a break. Feel free to share some of your ideas.