Top 10 tips to landing a great job

Top 10 tips to landing a great job

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I am thankful when someone takes to the time to submit a resume for consideration. I often wonder when we get job applicants who submit resumes without any regard to the job posting or a missing cover letter. Were they just time poor and hoping something will stick? Lets get real.

If a candidate is truly interested in working here they might need to make an small time investment in finding out about the corporate culture, our clients etc… I can’t tell you some of the interesting responses I have gotten why a cover letter wasn’t attached. It’s like coming to a job interview wearing a pair of Chuck tennis shoes. I appreciate business casual, please keep in mind I think those shoes are cool if you were already hired. But an interview is the time for us to see your best foot forward.

If I have to give advise to the job seeker in this tough economy I have a few tips:

• Read the posting to see if your skill set is the right fit for the job

• Read and address your strengths in proving the ability to perform required  job duties and responsibilities

• Don’t call and say your applying for any job that’s open.

• Review the company’s website and research them before you go to the interview.

• If the posting states no phone calls please – it means wait for them to contact you.

• If the posting asks for resume, references, salary requirements etc… do include all of them.

• Be as realistic on job compensation based upon today’s standards

• Provide real working phone numbers for references

• Don’t send a note to a job posting asking for more information about a job posting before sending a resume.

There are jobs out there. You just need to have some patience and don’t give up. Good luck.