Take a moment to get inspired…

Take a moment to get inspired…

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I noticed on the 6:00p.m. world news there was the coolest story. It was about people donating kidneys to others. They under went the surgery

with no recipient in mind. All they focused on someone elses need. They recognized the pain of others and did something about it. I think that is of the most admirable things someone can do. It’s not about the fame, recognition or the money. I look to those 7 people who donated something money can’t buy- a chance for someone to have a normal life. They showed the compassion to give of themselves. They are my heros .

Life is so busy. Often times it’s easy to miss those pure moments, that it’s really about us and not just about “me”. Give yourself a break, look around and take a chance to recognize a unsung hero. You never know one could be closer than you think.

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