Perfecting the Partnership: Working with Nonprofits.

Perfecting the Partnership: Working with Nonprofits.

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Numerous businesses love to contribute to causes for the betterment of their communities. When a successful partnership ensues, funds are raised, goals are met and warm, fuzzy feelings are felt all around. An added bonus: the partnership brings forth public relations opportunities that enable both parties to potentially receive free publicity. A win-win situation for all involved.

Sometimes, the business world and nonprofit world run into difficulties communicating due to the very structure of their organizations. To companies, time is money. The success and profitability of the campaign depend on the effectiveness of planning and execution in a timely manner. While not all operations work this way consistently, these circumstances are ideal.

Nonprofit organizations often consist of many components other than just the few designated shot callers. Bureaucracy, decision by committee, tight budgets, unusual time frames and mounds of paperwork are some of the frustrations aid organizations often face when accomplishing day-to-day tasks. Due to legal implications, some situations must be handled in a manner that complies with the rules for nonprofits that differ from traditional businesses.

The secrets to a successful joint venture include common goals and flexibility.

o Ensure the organization you are planning to work with has the same ambitions for the project.
o Plan ahead and give extra time to make decisions.
o Realize several individuals will make changes, if not more, before edits return to you, the vendor.
o Be aware that budgets are tight. Educate your partner about cost-effective alternatives that may be new to them.
o Meeting opportunities can be difficult to schedule for any organization. Schedule lunch and learns to discuss the project and show them what you do.
o Communicate to the nonprofit that you are available to discuss concerns anytime.