Overwhelmed By Hard to Read Web Reporting?

Overwhelmed By Hard to Read Web Reporting?

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Ever get a report from IT and the pages run on until infinity? Digital analytics can provide some real hard data. However, reports can be very overwhelming. There is so much data to decipher to truly get the benefits of the information. Often times these reports talk about a lot of irrelevant information especially if you are looking for marketing data to support your initiatives. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Not everything is measurable on the internet.
  2. Not all things are worth measuring on the internet.
  3. Measurement is not an inherent byproduct of the internet.

Using a well-trained professional that has a great understanding of how your audience is using your site to push key messaging is very important. These reports can show if those marketing initiatives are working based upon the behavior data proven in the reporting. They also can show if other key influencers are impacting overall site traffic and social media behavior to impact your site linking and site optimization factors.

My best advice would be to involve marketing professionals when reviewing analytical reporting for a clear understanding of where your marketing budget is going and if it’s really hitting business objectives.