Uncommon Signs of Economic Bounce Back.

Uncommon Signs of Economic Bounce Back.

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Researchers have found some uncommon trends to forecast economic gains. This goes to show, what the media does to spin the current state of the times is not always as dire as it seems. I often think the consumer’s attitude toward the economy is huge in it’s recovery rate. Here are a few examples of an upturn trend.

• Businessmen typically wear dark colors or greys in a down economy. More businessmen are wearing bright color ties.
• Typically, people have at least one pair of staple jeans in their wardrobe. Retailers are seeing more consumers buying jeans. Jeans are not a necessity and considered a luxury item.
• When times are good more consumers go out to eat at restaurants. If you want to track the improvements look at the amount of trash restaurants are accumulating. There has been a jump in this market sector.

Optimism will be the guiding light in all of this. Sales will slowly come and jobs will follow. Just keep looking up for guidance.

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