Not “Everything” on the Internet is Free…

Not “Everything” on the Internet is Free…

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Why should you care if I use video or pictures off of the internet? Why should I care about using my neighbor’s Wi-Fi for free? Because it’s all a little thing called illegal. Using images and pictures off of the internet is copyright infringement. Those items were created by someone who owned the right to these images. If you are interested in using these images they typically provide permission followed by a usage fee. These creators may have spent countless hours and dollars creating these images and content. Remember just because it’s there doesn’t mean you can use them. Some creators will grant permission if you provide the source of the information.

Sometimes there are misconceptions about what Wi-Fi exactly is. Wi-Fi is a way to access the internet through a provider like your local cable company. A wireless router is a great way for many computers, laptops and devices to access the internet wirelessly. The person who owns the router can put a secure password to lock the connection down. This will prevent outside users from accessing their information or passwords floating into the web. It’s potentially dangerous to use a nonsecure wireless router because anyone can not only see but can access your passwords to commit fraud. They can get your e-mail password and get into your e-mail accounts. Or, go to your online banking site and log in. So the danger applies to all on the unsecured wireless network, not to mention it will significantly slow down web surfing.

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