What is on Your Bucket List?

What is on Your Bucket List?

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Though we can make a new start any day of the week, there is something especially appealing about starting fresh at the beginning of the year. If you haven’t done so yet, now would be a great time to sit in silence, reflect on last year and create your new business bucket list.

What did you do well this year and how can you improve on it next year? What didn’t go quite as you had hoped this year? How will you make sure to correct it going forward?


What are your goals for next year?

Baker Creative wants to help you with your business bucket list. Over the next four weeks, we will explore topics that commonly appear on business owners’ bucket lists. Here are a few of the topics that we will be discussing:

Create Good Content

You’ve probably heard “Content is King” more than you care to recall. Creating original content by writing blogs, using strong images, and creating compelling copy is important for attracting (and retaining) customers and driving them to take “profitable action”. You know why creating good, original content is important but do you know how to successfully create content? We’ll offer some useful tips.

Increase Brand Recognition

Does your brand stand out in the mind of consumers? Would it be recognizable to customers if they were only to look at your logo or read your slogan?  Brand recognition is what every business owner strives to achieve. Whether you have unlimited resources to achieve brand recognition or if you’re working on a shoestring budget, it is possible to increase your brand awareness without breaking the bank. We’ll give you a few pointers.

Drive More Traffic to Your Business

The holiday season is often a profitable time of year for many retailers and other businesses. Now that the holidays are almost over, we’ll offer information on putting a plan in place to continue generating foot traffic into your brick and mortar location during “off-peak” months.

Increase Your Social Media Traffic

Perhaps you took the plunge last year and created several social media accounts. Hopefully, your social media pages took off like gangbusters but if you’re starting to feel like it would be easier to win the lotto than to get people to “Like” your Facebook page, we can help with a few pro tips to help you build your online social media presence.

While creating your business bucket list may not involve hot air balloons or an exotic, safari trip to Kenya, it is still no less exciting. A new year, filled with new opportunities to make your business shine, is right around the corner. Are you ready?

Share what’s on your business bucket list in the comments section below.