Leadership Training for Gen Y & Beyond.

Leadership Training for Gen Y & Beyond.

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We have all heard that Generation Y is a new breed of employees. They are used to a fast-paced world and are up-to-date on the latest technology. Knowledge of the internet allows them to find information in a split second and connect to almost anyone around the world.

If a millennial feels bored or that they don’t matter, their work ethic will deteriorate. In an economy like this, we think, “how can they be picky?” With most of their qualifications, many companies will be eager to hire the new mind of a millennial.

How can a company be flexible to train Generation Y to be great future leaders?

  1. Find out what their needs and expectations are – Ask what they expect from you, the boss, the team, what their roles are and what they aspire to in their career. If you show you care, they will open up and tell you.
  2. Include them in decision making – we are not saying let them sit in on a board meeting, but asking them their opinion or suggestions on something that is valuable to the department will have them take pride in what they do.
  3. Add a small team to a project instead of one person – when millennials work together they can be productive. Letting them talk through things and collide ideas can really add value to a project.
  4. Give them praise and encouragement – Tell them they are doing a good job and support their ideas. Even though some ideas may not be the best, talking through those ideas instead of ignoring them can really boost their work ethic and self-esteem.
  5. Do not choose the bossy path – Barking orders and telling them how to do something will not make their work get done any faster. Make suggestions and be open to them if they have questions.

These are some simple recommendations for starting a millennial on the right path. Older generations have knowledge that can be valuable to Generation Y and help them grow as professionals. For more information on generational research please contact Baker Creative at baker-creative.com.