5 Resources for Working Moms.

5 Resources for Working Moms.

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Modern working moms are pressed for time, energy and resources. As summer winds down and the school year ramps up, parents all over the country are transitioning to the job of family logistics coordinator, strategizing solutions for child care, school expenses, transportation, clothing, etc….

Fortunately, there are a few online resources that will help save time, money and energy while offering support to keep moms sane.

1. WorkingMother.com—This online version of the print magazine is a great place for the busy mom to get started. The hub offers a family organizer, an online community, product recall notices, career advice, home-based business ideas, at work pregnancy info, fashion and beauty tips, and more. Annually, “Working Mother” compiles best-of lists in such categories as sustainability, career advancement, multicultural women, hourly workers, kid-friendliness and female executives.

2. TheInsuranceMom.com – California-based insurance agent Alison Gordon offers great advice on general conundrums that can transpire when dealing with insurance policies. For more specific information, she recommends contacting an agent in your state.

3. SingleMom.com – Tailored specifically for this group, SingleMom.com gives situation-specific tips on finances, child care, support and other advice.

4. Meetup.com – Knitters and tech geeks aren’t the only ones using this tool to find likeminded people to share their passions. Moms all over the country are using this site to “meet up”, celebrate and commiserate parenthood musings. Bonus: While meeting new friends never hurts, parents may find other parents to help share child care, carpooling duties, class party coordination, etc.

5. State family services department web site – Each state has a list of services available to families located on the web site of its family services bureau. Check here for information pertaining to child care, disability support, employment, education and training, food assistance, health care and much more.