Be a Small Business or Corporate Do-gooder.

Be a Small Business or Corporate Do-gooder.

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The Holidays are approaching fast. Only a few more prep days before the Thanksgiving feast commences. Many business owners are thinking of ways to give back during this season of warm fuzzies.

Charitable giving is big business. Charity Navigator reports that total giving to charitable organizations was more than $410.02 billion in 2017 increasing 3 percent from 2016.

Total giving has grown every year since 1954 except for 1987, 2008 and 2009 according to Giving USA.

One benefit of being more like Tiny Tim than Ebenezer Scrooge is the recognition companies receive from the community. Your stakeholders care what you do for them, so you should too.

A 2010 Penn Schoen Berlan study reported that 70 percent of consumers are willing to pay as much or more for socially responsible products. Cone Inc. says 8 in 10 millennials prefer to work for a company that cares about how they affect and give back to the community.

Corporations aren’t the only beneficiaries paying it forward. Small businesses give back in a big way causing them to be leaders in their communities, receive brand recognition and earn major props.

Here are some quick ways to contribute to your community and gain serious impact:

Attend local festivals and other events. See and be seen. You and your employees are the faces of your organization. Have a presence at community events to show you care and are involved on a grassroots level.

Shop local. Many communities have started campaigns inviting residents to ditch the big box stores and mega-malls in favor of supporting neighborhood merchants. Purchase employee and customer gifts this season from local businesses. Not only will the money you spend stay in the community, but some of the sales tax you pay will as well.

Sponsor community events. If you have some extra cash to give, pick an event and dedicate your philanthropy dollars to making it the best it can be. Listen to others to pinpoint the needs of your neighborhood and plan an event to highlight your cause. The community will thank you for taking action and being a leader.

Social giving. One benefit of having various social media platforms and connections is the ability to communicate with many people. Give your online presence a makeover with goodwill and glad tidings. Share links, media spots and other information about your favorite charities. If you decide to do a large corporate charity campaign, allow stakeholders to make contributions through your social media and alert them of your progress.

What other charitable giving ideas does your company use?

*Stats updated in July 2020.