Has Social Media Gone Too Far?

Has Social Media Gone Too Far?

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Has the law blurred between our private and public worlds? Has too much access gone too far? Have we all gone beyond too much information for public view? I often wonder if reality TV brought down barriers. Did it make it OK to show what we do in private? Are our private actions compelling on their own or are they just manipulated by editing? We have all seen situations where the media or producers have cut out a significant portion of a person’s comment that could change the meaning entirely just for ratings. Again, how do we as a society decipher between our manicured perception vs. reality?

I can not emphasize enough to be careful about what you post or text. The internet offers a level of anonymity. I have seen it used for good and bad. It’s certainly not a place to air out dirty laundry that could damage people’s or a company’s reputation. Many people are taking action these days against such behavior. The law is typically 5 years behind technology gains.

Jeffrey Rosen is a law professor at George Washington University. He believes the law acts on society’s general consensus. “The law is only good at policing the most extreme invasions and the most outrageous cases,” he states. “It can’t take the place of good manners, social norms and etiquette.” Rosen continues, “We should never expect that the judges are going to save us from our own worst impulses.”

Just remember someone is listening on the other side, your friends, your family and even the media. I am a great proponent for sharing on social media. My advice would be to be fair, be transparent and enforce the golden rule.

Reference: CNN.com

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  1. JEFF says:

    I believe it has gone too far, but lets take another example to compare analogies. Someone is arrested for say stalking and harrassment, however it isn’t true, yet the court orders a warrant, the person is booked, 24 hours later it is public information, and 6 months later after their court trial, whatever they are acquited. Does this person receive less protection because of public policy, compared to say a Tiger Woods, a role model, a billion dollar man, most everyone, until 3 weeks ago looked up to as a positive for their kids, to strive to be like?? should the truth about someones character not be divulged, good or bad??? We are our own worst enemies, when we quit living life like “lil house on the prarie”, however even then there was some level of non privacy! Dot your I’s cross your T’s and as they say be prepared to account for yourself, good or bad is all I can say about that. However, yes society has allowed personal life to become to much mainstream media, and thus we have the TMZ’s, the insider etc, to tell all about others miss haps, indiscresions etc. Sad when we really think about it huh?

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