Why Do Social Media Bios Matter?

Why Do Social Media Bios Matter?

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Branding yourself or your company is key online. Your audience is unfamiliar with what you do and who you are. How you decide to define that can make the difference between being found or being part of the sea of content easily ignored. Writing a social media bio can be challenging. Some platforms only give you 140 characters to tell the world “I’m worth reading. I count!”

Memorable Twitter bios:

Ellen DeGeneres:
Comedian, talk show host and ice road trucker. My tweets are real, and they’re spectacular.

San Diego born. Gonzaga raised. MBA was as close as I got to the NBA.

I’m @JasonFalls’s wife. I am not on Twitter. Go do something useful.

Puttin’ the ‘elation’ in ‘Public Relations.’

NYT Business:
Financial, tech, media and other business news from The New York Times.

They all tell a story in a clear, concise manner. Some have a voice that says something beyond “Hi, my name is John Mooney and I am an accountant at XYZ Firm.” Try to avoid typing in all caps. This makes the viewer feel like you’re yelling at them like a bad low discount car dealership ad. Blah.

Your bio should show your personality, along with the highlights. Think of it as your mini commercial online. What is the impression you want your audience to leave with? What will attract them to dig deeper or follow you? Take some time and craft a few different bios. The right one will jump out as the winner to post to your social media bio.

Send me your improved bios for a quick critique at baker-creative.com.

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