Does Bad Behavior Rule?

Does Bad Behavior Rule?

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Does society reward poor, rude, out of control behavior?

With so many high school dramas, political ads, cheating athletes, and housewives of wherever on TV, us regular gals are getting a bad rap. Let’s face it, screaming and yelling with a little hair pulling on the side is the typical MO for these genres. It all becomes noise.

Reality shows are so crazy it’s hard to look away. Even Paris Hilton has made a career of being a bad girl, actress, etc. It seems the consequences of such outrageous actions have become a moot point. If arrested, reality stars seem to get out so quickly from jail and their stars continue to rise.

I often wonder, what do kids this age think of all of these reality “stars”? Do they laugh at them? Are they a little impressed? Or do they consider them losers? A poll on showed that 80% of people think Paris Hilton is a blonde bimbo while 20% think she’s sexy and smart.

What do you think would actually happen if reality TV’s ratings dropped? I’m sure some of the stars may even get a job and do something productive. I worry that if we reward bad behavior, that it could be mirrored by teenagers in their everyday lives. After all, 20% of people did think that Paris Hilton’s behavior was cool.