Keeping the Planet a Little Healthier with Some TLC.

Keeping the Planet a Little Healthier with Some TLC.

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Many people out there are becoming “green”. What does that mean exactly? Baker Creative has become a certified Wildlife Habitat and we love seeing the different creatures that come across the property. Our pond houses fish, frogs, and recently to our surprise, a garden snake.

We are proud to do our part to make the world a better place and continue to practice our green lifestyle. If you want to help the environment, all you have to do is simply go to Google and type in ways to save the environment and thousands of searches pop up.

So, that is exactly what we did. And we found some tips that we are going to start using so that the earth can sleep just a bit more comfortably at night.

Use both sides of the paper. We print a lot of things at Baker Creative and as much as we do not like to, it is a business and there are some things you can’t avoid. So, to save that paper we have gone to using both sides when printing. Once we print something, if we can reuse it, we just turn the paper over and print on the blank side. It saves more paper then you think.

Invest in a personal coffee cup. We know how amazing Starbucks tastes in the morning when you are still mentally in bed. But did you know that when you order your coffee you could tell them you have your own cup and they will wait to pour your coffee until you give them that cup? That also saves you ten percent off your bill. The cup can easily be washed and used the next day and there won’t be any wasted paper cups!

Turn off the computers. Now following this rule can help in more than one way. It can reduce the energy being used while not in the office or at home and it can also save your computer from overheating. If your computer takes a while to turn on in the morning, make sure that is the first thing you do and then get other morning chores done while you wait.

Power down once a week. Turn off everything in the house or business and just relax for an hour. This lets all the technology cool down and reboot. It can also give you time to read a book or play with the dog!

These are the little things we do at Baker Creative that can go a long way in the environment. If we all did a little thing each day we could help this planet breathe a little easier.